Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rarest or Most Difficult to Find MMM Collectibles

Occasionally I get into conversations with other collectors where we talk about what we need (meaning that one elusive OSS set to complete a series or whatever) and I almost always refer back to either eBay sales or who has what. I thought I would produce a list of what is really rare and desirable, and what isn't. For structure, I'll divide the list into Mattel Production packages and Everything Else. I'll also qualify each with how many I've recently seen sell or know the existence of in collections. Note that rarity doesn't necessarily equate to value (some things are super rare but because the demand is low the prices aren't reflective, while other things are scarce but because the demand is high, garner a higher price). Also for most of the items I'm referring to OSS examples (Ringbinder, Wallet and Lunch Box are loose).

Mattel Production Stock (Stock #, Item and Number I know in the hands of collectors):
Everything Else
  • Stand-up Store Displays (at least 3 different)
  • 4426 Major Matt Mason Boxed Round Jigsaw Puzzle (sealed - I know of only one that's sealed on 3 sides)
  • Mattel Club Kits (either the MAC or earlier kit) - the Iron-on and vinyl wallet are fairly common - the MMM portrait, pin and hat are scarce if not rare.
  • Mattel 1967 Toy Fair Catalog (6) (German version even rarer)
  • Topolino (Italian) with MMM Comic Strip (scarce)
  • European Poster (Comic Book Promo)
  • Prototype Figures (6 MMM, bits and pieces of others)
  • Other Prototypes (?)

As usual, if you have one of these and want it to be counted - drop me a line and I'll update the list. As mentioned before, rarity does not indicate relative value.

-- John


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am totally new to this.

OK, what does "OSS" mean?

John said...

OSS = "Old Store Stock" - meaning that the toy looks the same as if it was just bought new at the store. This is particularly significant on 60's toys which rarely survived in this condition (stickers still unused on the sheet, all inserts and instruction sheets present, toy still bound to the insert if there are twist ties, etc) and the original box.

Anonymous said...

View your ebay listing: GULF OIL MAJOR MATT MASON MATTEL STOCK 6325 NIB SEALED - 110465426758

this item will start this evening around 6:30 pm and will last 10 days...

happy camper said...

John, shouldn't my Funny Face display with WRM and Barbie be included in this list? It's worth about 10K. How much do the other items on the list go for? Also, I've seen another "perfect" Gulf Oil MMM. From what I'm reading, many serious collectors still think they're fakes. Why are they all so perfect, I wonder. Why is there no record at all of their production? Would you put your stamp on other items that can't be traced back to Mattel?

John said...

Yes the Funny Face promo should also be included - I've now seen 4 of those and a couple of Flight Cards that have obviously been torn from a display (they're all white rubber MMMs with the top half of the card back torn from the glue)