Wednesday, September 09, 2009

eBay Roundup 2009.09.09

Major Matt Mason 1967 Mint on Card

eBay Auction #300334934106
Ending Bid: $211.38
End Date: Aug 08, 2009 19:05:00 PDT

1967 Mattel Major Matt Mason Mint on Card
This is the blue strap red dot version. The Matt Mason inside sits upon his cat track in perfect Mint condition having never been off the card. The plastic bubble on the card has a crease on the side but is not broken. The back of the card has wear on the edges and is not even. The seal on the card is very good keeping Matt protected from 40 years of space debris. This Mint Matt Mason is ready to re-enter earths atmosphere and be part of your collection. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!

My Take:
I thought the buyer got a good deal on this card - the cat trac cards with gold lettering (on the bubble) are a bit more difficult to find than the yellow lettered cards. The negative here was the damage to the bubble and the deteriorated back. Note that this card has the sticker over the copyright information so it's "transitional"...


eBay Auction #180394465673
Ending Bid: $81.00
End Date: Aug 12, 2009 09:53:20 PDT

Attention Matt Mason and Space Toy Collectors I am listing several Matt Mason and Colorforms items at very low prices this week. This is an ALPHA 7 Helmet. NO MELT MARKS!!!! Has usual amount of scuffs but we all know these are harder to come by than the figures themselves. Don't let it get away....Check my ebay rating and bid with confidence

My Take:
All CFA accessories are difficult to find - this one is no exception (thought about bidding on it myself) - most of the accessories sell in the $25-50 range - good complete helmets/bubbles a bit more as you can see with the final price of this Alpha 7 helmet. Note the exceptional photos - it really helps an item get higher bids when the bidders know exactly what they are getting.


eBay Auction #300339469155
Ending Bid: $307.00
End Date: Aug 23, 2009 19:22:22 PDT

This is a vintage Mattel space toy dated 1968 that has never been removed from it's package.

Major Matt Mason's Space Buddy Jeff Long sitting on his Lunar Trac. Raised yellow lettering on front plastic reads "MATTEL'S MAN IN SPACE". There is a graphic of the moon on the cardboard behind the toy with a space ship taking off.

Small writing on front reads "(c) 1968 Mattel Inc Stock No 6332".

Back of package features Jeff Long riding his lunar trac searching for rocket launch sites. Writing reads "Flexible space suit bends at all joints! Separate space helmet with movable visor! (c) 1968 Mattel Inc Hawthoren Calif /US Patented. US Design and Foreign Patents Pending. Contains articles made in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan or US as designated theron. Printed in USA".

As you can see from the photos ~ the package has some shelf wear and there is some lifting of graphic on the upper right corner. Otherwise in excellent condition!

Shipping is via USPS Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation.

My Take:
This one sold for about what I thought it would, considering the big chunk missing from the card back (looks like it may have been glued to a display at one time and the back came off when removed). With mint loose Jeff Longs selling in the $100-200 range it's not uncommon for carded figures to go much higher than the others - I've seen mint carded Longs sell for more than $600.

1966 Mattel Major Matt Mason Space Station Man in space

eBay Auction #180399952830
Ending Bid: $153.50
End Date: Aug 28, 2009 14:55:21 PDT

This is an original 1966 Mattel Major Matt Mason Space Station. 3 roof supports All Space Girders and platforms original box with insert original instructions space radar beacon one faucet three chrome color locking pins decal stickers in station chair all blue solar panels shelf The following items are missing: center console display insert Purple bulb and bottom of beacon to hold batteries Phone one faucet I do have additional pics if you would like to see - i could only list 12. Please email if you are interested i will be happy to send. Condition as shown as is. Toy is in great condition, the box has seen its better days but is in tact. The beacon has some chrome discoloration due to age. High bidder will be responsible for $18.95 FEDEX ground shipping fee - this will arrive in 2-3 business days and includes tracking and insurance. If international shipping rate will increase. Please feel free to email with any questions. Thank you and Good Luck!

My Take:
I remember a time when boxed nice condition stations were selling for $300 - this one is much more reasonable - but that may be a reflection of the current market and economic slowdown. Also the box has a bit of tape on it and I think collectors and understanding that the station is relatively common.

Mattel Contest Poster-Barbie and Matt Mason with access

eBay Auction #180400452866
Ending Bid: (high bid was around $2700 when it got pulled)
End Date: Aug 28, 2009 18:56:49 PDT

Mattel's Major Matt Mason deluxe space action set and Teen Age Fashion Model Barbie Doll on poster. The poster is 25" in length and 13" wide. The Barbie Doll is 11.5 inches tall. Matt Mason figure is 6" tall and includes on the poster a space helmet with moveable face shield, jet propulsion pak that mounts on the space sled or astronaut's back, ship control handle and space sled in original package. The date on the poster is 1966. This poster is a contest poster from Mattel called New "Funny Face" contest.

My Take:
I was quite excited to see this one on eBay - I know of only 2 fairly complete ones that sold many years ago (one or both were owned by a Drink Mix collector before being offered for sale - I'm not sure who ended up with them) - those two displays came from the warehouse of a mid-west grocery chain, so I was told. This store-display is very rare - from the description I'm sure the seller didn't know what he had - I've since learned that an MMM collector made an offer on the set and the seller pulled it from eBay to sell it outright. Lucky bastard!