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From the Double Deckers Episode "The Case of the Missing Doughnut"

Major Matt Mason and associates have appeared in several cameo scenes both on classic TV and current movies. Unfortunately clips are not yet available from productions such as the classic "Julia" episodes, however they will be added as they are found and/or submitted. Note that if you know of the whereabouts of any additional clips, please contact me

I'm looking for clips from: "Santa Clause 2"; and the "I Dream of Jeannie" episode where the Major (painted gold) is used to represent a shrunk-down Jeannie; Matt on a recent 3-D IMAX film "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon"; also Mathew Broderick and Tom Hanks clips where they talked about or were presented MMM figures (Oprah, Rosie March 21, 1998? and Good Morning America?).

Dark Shadows TV series 09-11-1967 (Color 1.25 Minutes)

Episode Synopsis: Barnabas questions David then tries to take him back to the Old House however Burke shows up and they take him to Collinwood. Barnabas does not trust David and decides he must do something about him. David feels like someone is watching him. In this clip David is questioned about what has happened to him and in the second part is enticed out of his room (love the Theramin music!). The Space Station with Space Crawler in crane mode is clearly seen in the background. 

Part A

Part B

Clips Provided by Dan McGinnis

Dark Shadows TV series 09-13-1967 (Black and White 1.12 Minutes)

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Woodard questions David about Sarah. Dr. Woodard takes Maggie out of Julia's care. Barnabas plans to kill David, however Sarah's presence stops him. In this clip David discusses his "dream". The Space Station with Space Crawler in crane mode is once again clearly seen in the background.

Clip Provided by Dan McGinnis

The Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Family Christmas Show 1967 (Color 48.33 minutes)

Special sponsored by Mattel with the Major and equipment placed throughout the set with Dean and Frank's children around 34.00

Discovered by Bob Tracey 2021.11.27 (updated the link a few times - it keeps getting deleted)

Julia TV Series Season 1 First Episode "Mama's Man" 1968.11.17

Kids playing with toys on the floor including Hot Wheels and an MMM figure on Space Sled, while eating milk and cookies.

This is available on several Streaming Services like Aspire. Here's an image:

Discovered by Gary Mohrman 2019.11.02

Double Deckers British TV series 1968 (Color 3.5 Minutes) - "The Case of the Missing Doughnut"

In this episode of what is a classic British children's TV series, a toyshop is featured that stocks quite a few MMM items. Below are links to one particular scene, as well as to some screenshots to show what's there.

Episode discovered by Martin Gainsford, description and screen shots by Paul Vreede

Ice Station Zebra 1968 (Color 18 seconds)

In this classic movie-model clip, one can see the Major as the MIG pilot.

Reference and clip provided by Dan McGinnis

News Short about the 20th International Toy Show in Nuremburg Germany 1969 (B&W 48 seconds)

MMM, Sgt Storm and Callisto can be seen with equipment and the Space Station, around 0.41 seconds.

Discovered by John Eaton (2024.01.04)

Family Affair Season 4 Episode 18 February 5. 1970 - "The Inheritance"

The twins inherit a small amount of money, which to them, seems like riches. They begin to argue about how to spend the money.

This is available on several Streaming Services. Here are a few images:

Discovered by Richard W. Clarke

U.F.O Season 1 Episode 21 - "The Computer Affair" 1971.05.15

Jet Propulsion Pak modified to be a wrist communicator

2024.01.05 James writes
Was watching the remastered Blu-Ray of the British Science Fiction series UFO (1970) and in this scene from the episode "The Computer Affair" I noticed something surprisingly familiar on this SHADO operative's wrist!
Discovered by James Lechner

Space:1999 Season 1 Episode 21 - "Space Brain" 1976.01.29

Modified MMM figure was used in the practical effects.

Screen Cap by John Day via Joel Faust

Screen Cap by John Day via Joel Faust

Photo by John Day via Joel Faust

Screen Cap by John Day via Joel Faust

John Day (2019.11.27) writes: Hey fans. It's time to get out your box of childhood collectables and pull out one of your Major Matt Mason figures (admit it, you still have at least a couple). I was looking at some Eagle reference pictures over at Catacombs and noticed the astronaut figure floating away from the Rescue Eagle pod in Space Brain (yeah, in close ups it doesn't have stripes, bear with me). For the first time I noticed the distinctive shape of the helmet and particularly the visor. I watched the sequence carefully on Blu Ray and sure enough, it was a modified Major Matt Mason doll. Do not know how I missed that all these years. I doubt I could bring myself to take one of my dolls and repaint it in this manner, so no prop replicas coming out of this, but thought it was a fun thing to notice.

Discovered by Joel Foust (2019.11.27), originally posted by John Day

Stargate SG1 Ep 1 “Children of the gods” 1997.07.27 (Color 2:30)

Capt. Carter mentions playing with dolls as a kid, when asked if it was GI Joe she responds with MAJOR MATT MASON.

Discovered by Ken Mallach

The Dish 2000 (Color 34 seconds)

Major Matt Mason is handled in quite an amusing manner during this color clip.

Discovered by Todd Langston, clip provided by Dan McGinnis

The Wedding Planner 2001 (Color 17 seconds)

Major Matt Mason gets lowered in the Voice Command Flight Pak during the movie introduction. 

Discovered by Tom Langland, clip provided by Dan McGinnis.

"Toy Hunter" Episode With Major Matt Mason (2012)

The Travel Channel re-ran the "Toy Hunter" episode from 2012 featuring host Jordan Hembrough purchasing three "Major Matt Mason" items. Here is an edited recap.

[ Video not Available ]

Screen Cap by Dan Arnold

Discovered by Norman Easterday


Vintage Toy Picker Interview with Greg Mason on WVLT TV (2012)

Greg discusses a minty carded Major Matt Mason on Cat Trac card.

Discovered by John Eaton

The Astronaut Wives Club Episode 9 "The Dark Side" (2015)

"The Dark Side" focused on the flight of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve 1968 and in this brief clip two of our space buddies appear.

Screen Cap by Norman Easterday

Discovered by Norman Easterday

"The Toys That Made Us" Netflix Series First Season First Episode (2017)

On Netflix they have a series on toys season 1 episode 1 is about Star Wars, they have a MMM figure
Hopefully in future episodes they will do one on the Major.

[ Video not Available ]

Screen Cap by Dan Arnold
Screen Cap by Dan Arnold

Discovered by Dan Arnold

"Space Dealers" Netflix Episode With Major Matt Mason (2019)

Here’s a screen-cap from the Netflix series "Space Dealers."  The item is a plaque hanging in the office of Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham.  Take a good look — that’s a Major Matt Mason figure!  I’ve never heard of a connection between MMM and the actual Apollo program.  Anybody know the story?

Screen Cap from "Space Dealers"

[ Video not Available ]

Discovered by Lee Sullivan 2019.02.06

Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz: We expect to see impacts from 'Barbie' movie in second half of 2023 (2023)

Mattel CEO references the Major Matt Mason Movie at about the 6:40 mark. Note that the original interview video replaced but I managed to find it via another YouTube link - hopefully this one won't be replaced too.

Discovered by John Eaton 2023, updated 2024.01.01

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