MMM Miscellaneous Items

Major Matt Mason Wallpaper (blue)

Everything that doesn't fit into any other category I've stuffed into this page. The Collegeville Halloween mask, the licensed wallpaper, so-called "Major Matt Mason" postcards, the other items as I get them recorded. Click below for more information on each.

Collegeville #7705 Major Matt Mason Halloween Costume

This neat costume featured everyone's favorite astronaut on a space sled printed on the front

Licensed Major Matt Mason Wallpaper

Two variations of the MMM wallpaper have been discovered, one on a blue background and another on a white background.

"Major Matt Mason" 3-D Postcards

In 1966 the W. C. Jones Publishing Co produced some 3-D linticular postcards that are often referred to as the Major Matt Mason postcards. Although there is an uncanny resemblance and the timing was right, these postcards were never licensed, nor does the name MMM or Mattel appear anywhere on them. I believe the similarity is coincidental.

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