Major Matt Mason Customizations

This set of pages is for all the Images of Major Matt Mason customs that I've collected on the Web or have been sent to me. Many MMM collectors spend hours creating their own crew. I've spotlighted a few here, and welcome any contribution. These are mostly figures, but I've also included links to custom vehicles and accessories. When the information is available, I'll identify the source and story behind each image. If anything is presented that you know more information about, please feel free to contact me that info/correction.  Note that I have these organized by time (the earliest submissions towards the top) and then by contributor (so they're grouped together, first by earliest time then by creator). I may make changes to this format at some point - those with a huge list of customs have been moved to their own page.

For the most recent additions to the rest of the MMM site, please refer to the Major Matt Mason section of my What's New Page.

Dan Arnold Figure Repaint

Submitted 2018.01.26

Images of Dan's custom MMM figure repaint "Dan." First 3 are in process images:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5 | Image 6

Joseph C. Brown's Custom Life-Sized MMM Suit and Jet Propulsion Pak

Submitted 2011.11.08

Joseph shows how he built the helmet and shows the finished suit in various views.

Steve Delong's Eco Matt Repaint

First submission 1998

My buddy Steve DeLong wanted a Matt to experiment with different painting techniques.  He used automotive paint, with a "hardening" agent. When asked about color, I thought...How about green?  Yeah, and an ecology flag instead of the old stars and stripes.  Here's the result.  The green paint has since oxidized a bit, and turned a flat color.  The white paint on the ecology flag has also faded, as the green is bleeding up through it. Steve also came up with a unique approach to figure striping: Dip the figure in lacquer thinner for about 10 seconds then pull out and rinse!  Use this method at your own risk! You can write Steve about it here.

Toby Denham's Motorized Cat Trac Project

Submitted 2001

Once again Major Matt Mason fan Toy Denham wows the crowd with an amazing custom.  Kit bashing a common cat Trac with a wired-remote controlled set of tank-treads.  The results are well worth the time spent. Click the thumbnail at left for details

Cam Gilchrist Custom Life-Sized MMM Helmet and Rotojet Gun

Submitted 2011.09.17

The quality of Cam's custom work is quite evident - these are human-scaled equivalents of MMM equipment. 

Jim Hampton's Major Matt Mason Customs

First submission 1998

As far as I know Jim started his MMM customization journey with a custom sculpted John Glenn head and body that coincided with the launch of Glenn on board STS-98. Since then he's sporadically made customs including Mego Matt Mason and his custom slip cards, all for personal use.

Pat Leblanc's Major Matt Mason Customs

First submission 2002.04.22

As with Frank May, I've aggregated Pat's customs (there are quite a few) onto a single page with more to come.

Frank May's Major Matt Mason Customs

First submission 1997

I've aggregated all of Frank's customs (there are many of them) through the years onto a single, new page.

Scott Metzger's Major Matt Mason Customs

First submission 2016

Scott has been creating custom figures for many years with names and potential back-stories describing a Mars Mission.

Amaury Diaz Seranno's Major Matt Mason Customs

First submission 2012

Amaury creates some really fantastic vehicles and equipment using his expertise in fast prototyping.

Randall Wall's Cat Trac 2

Submitted 2015.03.22

A bit of kit-bashing, paint and custom stickers and you have a new MMM vehicle!

Marc Whiting's Life-Sized Roto-Jet Gun

Submitted 2024.02.17

The most accurate copy of the tine Roto-jet Gun I've ever seen.

Steve York's Custom 12" Major Matt Mason Figure Conversions

Submitted 2001.01.31

The rather daunting task of creating 1/6th scale versions of the Major Matt Mason line, using 12" astronaut figures! Check out the Space Station!  Click on the thumbnail at left to see more.

Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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