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The Space Mission Team box set provided 4 figures to fill out your Man In Space collection. Offered in the later-style chip-box, the set displayed a wonderful image of 3 astronauts plus Callisto against a rough, rocky background. The box graphics alone are worth the price of this set. The box also sports some really nice painted cameo-type shots of the figures on the long sides. I always enjoy Mattel painted artwork like this. I wonder what happened to the originals?

Included in this set are Major Matt Mason, Sgt Storm, Doug Davis and Callisto. Also found on the cardboard insert are the two-piece Space Sled and Lunar (Cat) Trac and sticker sheet. Callisto comes with his Sensor and bellows along with his own sticker sheet. The figures are individually bagged, as are the helmets. Both vehicles are fitted into specific slots in the insert into specific slots. I've only seen this set to contain black-strap astronauts, so I'm sure some if variations exist. Either of the two Callisto boot variations have turned up in this set. 

Because of the cheap cardboard construction of the box, this set is very difficult to find in mint to pristine condition. The end flaps were glued and usually ripped or cut. If the insert is missing, the box is most often found crushed.

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#6337 Space Mission Team Box Contents
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#6337 Space Mission Team Box Insert with Contents


This is a "chip box" with a lid that's full-color, process-printed and is 10" x 16" x 2 1/4" Copyright is 1968.

Sticker Sheets:



Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 "Fall" Catalog Page 57)

Recruit center for Mattel's spacemen!
Major MATT MASON, JEFF LONG, and DOUG DAVIS are joined by outer space friend CALLISTO, new super-intellectual from Jupiter! Space Sensor, Space Sled, and Lunar Trac accompany astronauts.
Std. Pack: ½ Doz.
Wt: 21 Lbs.


I've heard from various collectors that there is a variation that contains Jeff Long. I'm not too sure about this as I've never seen physical evidence of this other than the mention in the Mattel Fall 1968 Catalog (above), but I've included the information in case a set turns up. I believe the set actually shipped with Sgt Storm instead of Jeff Long as the photos from the package don't show Jeff.  I can't imagine why Mattel would do two versions of the packaging, but who knows. Stranger variations have turned up in the past.

John's Notes:

This is definitely one of the hardest sets to find in mint condition. Many of these sets turned up in liquidation toy stores in the early 70's, but most got into the hands of kids who played extensively with the figures. Occasionally a set with discount stickers shows up (I've seen large "Two Guys" stickers on several). The box, like all the other chip boxes, is very fragile so many examples will be a bit crushed and often one end will be torn off and missing. Because you get some really bright graphics in a small space, it is one of the easiest and nicest sets to display.  I thing this is a "Must Have" when it come's to Major Matt Mason collecting!

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