From Mattel Toys 1970 "Spring" Catalog - Page 12

For some reason, Mattel switched the packaging of their accessory paks from the blister card to a chip-box. This was introduced in the spring of 1970 and continued until the end of the MMM run, with fewer accessories being warehoused in the carded variation. Mattel also went with a "mod" color scheme with most of their toy lines, perhaps to consolidate their brand presence as Barbie took a new, "mod" direction.


The assortment probably came in a plain cardboard box with Mattel logos and an assortment number printed on either end.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1970 Spring Catalog Page 12)

4 ea. Space Power Suit Pak #6344
4 ea. Supernaut Power-Limbs Pak #6343
2 ea. Gamma-Ray Guard Pak #6342
2 ea. Space Shelter Pak #6321
Asst. Pack: 1 ea. (12 Items)
Wt. 7 Lbs.
(Note: these are chip boxes)
New closed chip boxes with brilliant 4-color graphics, 9" x 6 3/8" x 13 Ľ"
Each in Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt. 5 Lbs.
Astronauts not included.


These four boxed accessories are actually variations of their counterparts the earlier, carded counterparts. Where there are other Mattel Accessory Pak Assortments, this is the only "Space Paks" Assortment.

John's Notes:

With the switch to the chip-box, and limited availability of the carded accessories from years previous, this may be a good explanation as to why the earlier space paks seem to be more difficult to find. My thoughts are that these four accessories may be the most common of loose pieces to be collected. However, the opposite is true when considering the chip-box packaging. They appear to be the most difficult to find intact. 

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