Major Matt Mason Vintage Image Gallery

Ad Photo from Addison's Playworld Durham, NC 7-28-1969

Over the years I've collected quite a few vintage Major Matt Mason images, some were sent to me via email, others were posted to the various LISTSERV groups and most recently into Facebook groups. I've attempted to collect them all here along with any notes I might have (in some instances I have the name of some of the people in the photos - I've provided it when possible). As with the MMM Toy Stories, if I have anything here that you can provide additional information like a name, etc. please contact me and I'll include it. Conversely, if you see something here that you have an objection to (for instance, if you're the image owner and wish for it to be excluded, let me know via the same contact page and I'll remove it).

As with the Toy Stories, I've attempted to place the photos in alphabetical order by the subject or image owner name. Any photos that are unidentified I've placed towards the bottom. Enjoy!

Chris Ashfield (1)
Chris Ashfield (2)
Chris Ashfield (3)
Jim Beard 1968
Jeff Bartholomew 1968
Jeff Bartholomew 1969
Jim Beard 1971 - Toledo, OH
Scott Beckmann with Captain Lazer
Steven R Blum
Robert Bohrn
Ed Bonza
Andrew Bowman
Tom Bruny 1967
Paul Cameron
Al Castelli (1)
Al Castelli (2)
Donivan Clemens
Donivan Clemens 1967
Jeffrey Coe 1968
Chuck Colvin
Andrew Cross
Tom Crutchfield
Christopher Cushman
Randy Davis
Alan Dismukes (1)
Alan Dismukes (2)
Alan Dismukes (3)
Alan Dismukes 1970 (1)
Alan Dismukes 1970 (2)
Chuck Dixon
Rich Dudansky
Norman Easterday 1967 (1)
Norman Easterday 1967 (2)
Norman Easterday 1967 (3)
Norman Easterday 1969
Norman Easterday 1970
Ted Eckel
Bill Eichelberger (1)
Bill Eichelberger (2)
Bill Eichelberger (3)
Bill Eichelberger (4)
Ken Ellis
Joel Faust 1970
Lou Fusco
Greg Gabry (1)
Greg Gabry (2)
Michael Gamache 1969
Dave Gink
Amodio Giordano
Brinke Guthrie 1968
John Hamill
Frank Hedrick 1968
David Hilton
Greg Holmes
Bill Hughes
Kris Kaufmann 1969
Steven LaRose 1969
Pat LeBlanc 1968
Pat LeBlanc 1970
Steve Lenberger Birthday
Bob Maharrey 1973
William Dent Marlowe
Chris Mason
Dennis Matthews 1972 Bloomington, IN
Marty McCray's Brother (rare MMM wallpaper)
Marty McCray (1)
Marty McCray (2)
Marty McCray (3)
Marty McCray 1968 (birthday)
David McGee 1969
Dan McGinnis
John Michlig
David Miller (1)
David Miller (2)
David Mitchell 1968
David Mitchell 1968
Ken Mitchroney Birthday
John Richter (1)
John Richter (2)
Bill Robinson
Mike Rogers 1967
George Ruboyianes (1)
George Ruboyianes (2)
George Ruboyianes (3)
Brian Savage 1968
Steve Schramm 1968
Steve Schramm
Greg Seagler 1971 (1)
Greg Seagler 1971 (2)
Michael Skelton
Kettner Skipp
Edwin Sterling Jr with Duke 1968
Jim Stiverson 1968
Jim Stoddard (1)
Jim Stoddard (2)
Jim Stoddard (3)
Shawn Sutherland
Claude Switzer (1)
Claude Switzer (2)
Randy Tibbott
Will Valentino 1969 (1)
Will Valentino 1969 (2)
Rory Van Horn and Brothers
David Vining 1968
Thierry Voreaux
Pip and Paul Vreede
Jody Wallace 1966
Evan Webb
Don Webster 1968 (1)
Don Webster 1968 (2)
Paul L. Wegner 1969
Chris Wetherholt 1967
Mark White
Joseph Williams
David Wuethrich
Clark Yeatman 1968

Unattributed (let me know if any of these have YOU in the image!)

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