Mattel #6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble

#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Box Front

This combination set included the vehicles 6345 Space Bubble and 6346 Uni-Tred Space Hauler. The oversized box has truly impressive large, full-color graphics. I imagine that it would have looked fantastic on a toy store shelf. More information on the individual vehicles may be found in their own listings (links towards the bottom of the page). This set came with a unique set of 2-sided instructions, describing the workings of the two vehicles as a unit. Also included were the two sticker sheets (aka Space Labels) as shown.  

MMM Uni-Tred Space Hauler

MMM Space Bubble


The box made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except the front and top, which have an applied a full-color, process-printed label. The package measures 12 1/4" by 9 1/2" by 20". Copyright is 1968. The box reads: "Motorized Lunar Transport Geared to go anywhere with Planetronic Shift! - Automatically Shifts as it Climbs Mountains! - Bites into Slippery Surfaces with Hundreds of Space Teeth! -Adjustable Tow-Yoke Tows Space Bubble!" and "Space Bubble Holds Astronauts - Rolls 360° over Planet Terrain - Interior Gyro-Seat Control Center Keeps Astronaut Upright - Protective Tinted Bubble - Includes Uni-Tred and Space Bubble - Astronauts not Included!." with "Battery powered - 2 "D" batteries not included!"

#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Box Side 1
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Box Box Side 2
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Box Bottom
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Box Contents
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Insert Top
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Insert End 1
#6339 Uni-Tred and Space Bubble Insert End 2

Sticker Sheets:



Mattel #6339-0920 Uni-Tred & Space Bubble: Outside | Inside

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 "Fall" Catalog page 55)

Protectively tinted SPACE BUBBLE rolls a full 360° while interior Gyro-Seat Control Center remains upright! Dual action Tow-Yoke links UNI-TRED and SPACE BUBBLE for towing or bulldozer activities. Powered by 2 "D" batteries not included.
Std. Pack: ½ Doz.
Wt: 12 Lbs.
Astronaut not included.


John's Notes:

Released at the same time as the boxed Bubble and Uni-Tred, I find it unusual that the stock number comes before the individual boxed vehicle numbers (also in the Mattel 1969 "Fall" Catalog there's no "NEW!" label as there are for the individual vehicles, implying that the set may have been made available prior to the individual vehicle releases in 1969). I've always thought that this set should have had a "Super Action Set" version, which would have included an astronaut or two. It would be easy to imagine this combination, and there certainly is room in the box. The CIPSA version (link above) is worth viewing, as the Uni-Tred is maroon in color with differing stickers.

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