Pat LeBlanc's MMM Customs

Pat LeBlanc's Langley Lunar Lander

I think I've known Pat for over 25 years - it's funny how the hard-core MMM community seems to have stayed in touch even with the dissolution of the old LISTSRV and Yahoo Groups, mostly by migrating to Facebook towards the end of 2010.

I created pages for each of his creations and had added them to the wildtoys site - unfortunately I stopped making updates sometime in 2006 so I've had to catch-up a bit on his customs - fortunately I saved most of Pat's posted content and images - I've started with the pages I've migrated and will be adding more some - I hope to get caught up by the end of January, 2024

Pat Leblanc's Amazing X-RV Lifting Body

Submitted 2002.04.22

Pat describes his creation of this Matt-sized flying model of the X-RV from the movie "Marooned".

Pat Leblanc's Orbital Space Station

Submitted 2002.12.16

Pat sent me these pics of one of his latest projects. I really like this idea and Pat's application has really gotten my creative urges going...

Pat Leblanc's Take on the Lunar Rover

Submitted 2002.12.27

This project has all the elements of greatness: start with a good idea, throw in some MMM parts and bang! Check it our for yourself...

Pat Leblanc's Lunar Module

Submitted 2002.05.23

Follow Pat as he attempts to create an MMM-scaled Lunar Module...

Pat Leblanc's Soviet LK Lander

Submitted 2003

As I recall this was one of Pat's first experiments in vacuforming custom MMM equipment.

Pat LeBlanc's Project Mercury Capsule

Submitted 2004

Here Pat LeBlanc does his best work by creating a Major Matt Mason sized replica of the Mercury program capsule.

Pat Leblanc's MAC Capsule

Submitted 2006.09.15

From the Mattel Aerospace Club (MAC) logo, a ship that flies....

Pat Leblanc's Radio-Controlled DuoTred Custom

Submitted 2008

Pat teased us with this image of his DuoTred custom and later in 2017.01.15 posted this video.

Pat LeBlanc's Project Gemini Capsule

Submitted 2012

A couple of images of Pat's Project Gemini capsule that he started back in 2004.

Pat LeBlanc's Lunar Lander

Submitted 2015.04.09

Pat's adaptation of an MMM-scaled Langley Lander.

Pat LeBlanc's Space Ship Case Refubishment Decks Custom

Submitted 2015.05.26

Beautiful replacement decks to refurb, and perhaps reconfigure, the Space Ship Case.

Pat LeBlanc's Space Ship Case V2 Custom

Submitted 2015.08.11

Custom Apollo version of the Space Ship Case.

Pat LeBlanc's Ultra Probe Command Module

Submitted 2015.12.27

Fantastic spaceship adapted from Space:1999 Season 1 Episode 23 "Dragon's Doman."

Pat LeBlanc's Flying Superhero MMM Custom

Submitted 2016.06.05

An MMM version of the Transogram Flying Superhero!

Pat LeBlanc's Water Propelled Mars Recon Glider (MRG)

Submitted 2016.07.13

Experimenting with water-propelled flight and a custom MMM glider.

Pat LeBlanc and Dan Arnold's Crater Crawler Custom Conversion

Submitted 2017.04.18

Features a custom cockpit and canopy to convert the Tonka Crater Crawler for use by MMM astronauts.

Pat LeBlanc's Early LEM

Submitted 2018.08.18

Early Grumman design for a Lunar Lander, in scale with Major Matt Mason!

Pat LeBlanc's Mobile Launch Platform (MLP)

Submitted 2018.02.17

Pat's take on the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP)

Pat LeBlanc's Mobile Attack LEM

Submitted 2019.04.048

Military action on the moom!

Pat LeBlanc's XRG-2 Glider

Submitted 2019.12.07

Pat used foam-board construction to improve the flight time of a modified XRG-1 into the XRG-2.

To be added:

  • Custom X-20 Dynasoar (2017)
  • Custom Apollo Command Service Module (2020)
  • Custom Skylab (Marooned Version) (2020)
  • Custom Buck Rogers Starfighter (2021)
  • Custom Electronic Space Station Winch (2021)
  • Custom Moonmat and Vacuform Craters (2021)
  • Custom Turtle Transporter from BLB (2021)
  • Custom Mobile Habitation Modules (2022)

Pat LeBlanc's Other Site Contributions:

You can reach Pat LeBlanc on Facebook, he's also an active member of the MAJOR MATT MASON Facebook group.

Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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