Collegeville MMM Halloween Costume

Collegeville MMM Costume Box

Collegeville #7705 Major Matt Mason Halloween Costume

This neat costume featured everyone's favorite astronaut on a space sled printed on the front. The mask was of MMM's face through the visor of his helmet. The helmet has the characteristic #3 on the forehead and "MATT" under the visor. 

The box reads: "Collegeville Costumes," "Bright for Night...Flame Retarded...Colorful Masks...Wide-Vision Eye-Holes" with "Quality Costumes" written on a prize button graphic. The bottom reads: "Official Copyright Costume"...with "One Only... Major Matt Mason™ - 226 Large (12-14) ©1967 Mattel, Inc." hand stamped. The stock # is also hand stamped (7705) next to "with Mask" printed as the last line. This costume was sold at Sears for $1.99!

Collegeville MMM Costume Box End
Collegeville MMM Mask
Collegeville MMM Costume Tunic
Collegeville MMM and Astronaut Costume Box Comparisons

John's Notes:

  1. The boxed costume probably comes in Small (4-6), Medium (9-10), and Large (12-14) sizes giving the completist three variations to collect. These are variations of the costume with the same sized mask issued in the box.
  2. I'm fairly certain that the mask already existed as a Collegeville "Astronaut" with Sparkle Velvet decorations (see boxes above). It's very likely that the same mold was used for the MMM mask with an alternate paint scheme.
  3. The tunic usually has a lot of discoloration from being worn (sweat? not sure) and stored folded.
  4. I've purchased a minty/unused mask and I believe it had been offered as a separate item for purchase (most masks from the era are smashed from being stored in the box with the tunic.
  5. Several images have appeared of kids wearing the costume:
I purchased this photo years ago
Pulled from the web

Paul's Notes Regarding the Discoloration:

I think it’s the flame retardant (probably a bromide) in the fabric reacting to light over time. My suit has never been worn and was nice and white when I took it out of its box and decided to hang it up to display in my MMM corner. It’s browned considerably before I noticed that and has never been sweated in. :)  Must be similar to Lego blocks in white (and grey and blue and transparent) that have the same problem though to a lesser degree. White Lego can be bleached back to white with peroxide, which might work on the Halloween suit as well thought it would very likely also bleach the printing.  If as and when I find my first suit (brownish when I bought it from Larry Sharkman) I may give it a try.

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