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#6356 Orbitor with Or Catalog Ad Detail

The Orbitor with Or is one of the mysterious "Holy Grails" of Major Matt Mason collecting. It does not appear to have ever been marketed by Mattel, even though it is listed as both part of 6356 Orbitor with Or and 6380 Voyage to Galaxy III Set in the 1970 Mattel Catalog. The images above and throughout this listing are scans taken from the 1970 Catalog. 

MMM Alien Or

Or is a small articulated figure, rather bug-like in appearance, that would sit at a small console within the center of a rotating disk. Or was protected by a clear dome, and fired from a device that would spin and release as a child pulled up a rope-attached handle.

#6356 Orbitor with Or Complete Catalog Ad
#6356 Orbitor with Or Catalog Ad Detail
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The box appears to have been done in mock-up only. A few sample boxes may exist, as the toy may have been shown at the 1970 Toy Fair. Intended box size was 12 1/2 by 5" by 22"

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First and only appearance: Mattel Toys 1970 "Fall" Catalog page 29)

Up… up it soars, whirling towards space adventure! Launch this unique space craft with a pull of the power cord - no batteries needed! OR, strange-shaped visitor from Orion, pilots the big 12" rotor from its central dome. Hi-impact plastic and steel launcher. Space decals included.
Tuck end package with new 4-color label on 12 ½ " x 5" x 22" package.
Std. Pack: 1/2 Doz.
Wt: 21 Lbs.



John's Notes:

The Orbitor with Or is one of those mysteries that plague many toy lines...where is it and what ever happened to it? An equal number of collectors and toy dealers have claimed that the set either was or wasn't produced. I've personally seen no evidence that the set ever made it into actual production for distribution although I've spoken with toy people who claimed to have had one as a kid (I suspect that it was actually a different but similar toy - there were a couple of flying toys that resembled the Orbitor). I think that by the time the Orbitor made it into the 1970 Mattel Catalog the writing was on the wall regarding MMM toys and it just got axed.

I own an actual prototype of the set that may have been used at Toy Fair (the Orbitor has "SAMPLE" stamped on the bottom, but so far I've never seen a packaged example. There are even price guides that list the Or, further perpetuating the myth that the playset was distributed. Mattel has no comment on this one.

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