Mattel #6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Front

The first of Major Matt Mason's companions was Sgt Storm. Originally offered in the same Flight Card packaging, it appears that Mattel decided to release Sgt Storm on a simplified blister, at a lower price point. Various Mattel retailer catalog images suggest that the Cat Trac was originally designed to be a more complicated, perhaps motorized vehicle. Instead the Cat Trac carded figures were accompanied by this two-piece solid-colored accessory. 

MMM Astronaut SGT. STORM

Storm comes with a white Cat Trac on a multi-colored lunar background. This is perhaps the most handsome background of the Cat Trac carded astronauts, as it has the largest color palette. The Sgt's red suit shows up brilliantly against the teal background, contrasting with the violets in the distant background.

I believe the gold-lettered variation is the first, followed by the blue-lettered blister, then the yellow-lettered (all with black ink on the back), then and the tall card and blue-back ink card with the variation on "Lunar Trak". As mentioned above, Storm could also be found on his own Flight Card, and in the window-boxed, Space Center "Astronaut" box (see below). He is also sometimes found on a white-card with Jet Propulsion Pak only, as part of the Firebolt Super Action Set. There are many paint variations - Please refer to the Astronauts and Aliens area for them all.

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Back


The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 8" x 5" x 2 1/4" Copyright is 1968

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Top

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Side 1

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Side 2

#6319 Sgt Storm with Cat Trac Card Bottom

Sticker Sheet:


Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1968 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 13)

NEW! Major MATT MASON #6318
Debut basic set features either Man in Space plus a molded Cat Trac, hard-working unit for short-run vehicular treks!
Bendable, posable astronaut wears molded plastic spacesuit and removable helmet and movable visor. Either Major MATT MASON #6318 or SGT. STORM #6319 on punched-hole blister card. 8" x 5".
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 4 ½ Lbs.


Mattel initially released both a Major Matt Mason cat trac card and a Sgt Storm cat trac card with gold painted lettering. This changed to yellow paint (it looks like the gold paint had an adhesion problem). Around 1969 Mattel changed the lettering to blue paint - I believe at the same time the insert label changed from "Cat Trac" to "Lunar Trac." At some point (probably 1970), Mattel went to a tall-card variation of Sgt Storm (and all other cat trac carded figures). I've seen no explanation for the change...perhaps they were updating the look of the line (this can also be seen with the items released late in 69 and in 70, with the 60's/70's Mod color combinations). 

The figure may be attached via black twisty-tie or pipe cleaner (on German versions - which also may be found facing right-to-left instead of the typical left-to-right). The non-tall card can be either a "Cat Trac" or "Lunar Trac"identified by the under-figure insert. Some carded figures have been found without this insert all together.

Other variations are primarily in the paint schemes found

  • Sgt Storm Cat Trac Card Front (gold bubble lettering - sample images above)
  • Sgt Storm Cat Trac Card Front (yellow bubble lettering)
  • Sgt Storm Cat Trac Card Back Blue Ink
  • Paper Insert "Cat Trac Included" Variant: Comparison
  • Paper Insert "Lunar Trac Included" Variant: Comparison
  • Tall Sgt Storm Cat Trac Card Front | Back View
  • Sgt Storm Prototype Packaging Front | Back View | Top View
  • Mattel GmbH (German) Sgt Storm mit Raupenfahrzeug (left facing) | Back View 
  • Mattel GmbH (French): Le Sergeant Storm | Back View

John's Notes:

For some reason, Storm is difficult to find intact on either the Flight Card or the Cat Trac card, with the Flight Card being the rarer of the two (probably due to it only being offered one year). I believe he was a very popular character so not many packed examples survived intact.

He may also be found in:

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