Whitman 2022 Major Matt Mason Big Little Book

Probably the most common MMM paper product, the "Moon Mission" big little book produced by Whitman, was a children's book, written in simplified style with color pictures - this was issued as a series during this era with other BLBs (which is a true publishing survivor). Whitman started the Big Little Book segment all the way back in 1932 so a very recognized brand and product. These were small books, measuring 3 5/8 in wide x 4 1/4 in tall. They were usually illustrated by very good artists and featured color pages interspersed between text. They were also very affordable. Whitman had access to good writers and some of the best illustrators. This particular BLB was produced towards the end of the line in the 1960's.

 The story involves a test subject (Captain Otto Harvey) undergoing isolation experiments who hears strange rumblings. Worrying of his sanity, MMM and his crew go to the remote station to find the astronaut lost in strange subterranean tunnels. It was giant worms burrowing their tunnels that the test subject was hearing. The story has some neat elements such as gigantic, genetically engineered moon bunnies. We are also introduced to astronaut Jo Ann Harvey (sister to the Captain Harvey who is lost in the tunnels).

Complete Text (found a pdf of the entire text somewhere - not sure who OCRed the pages).

Whitman Files and Original Artwork

I had written previously when the original artwork was offered up on eBay - this is an image from the auction - I managed to purchase all these materials from the winner of the auction, Alec Peters.
Moon Mission BLB Cover Color Separations
Moon Mission BLB Cover  Text Layer
Moon Mission BLB Cover  Art Pages
Moon Mission BLB Cover Art Pages
Moon Mission BLB Cover Page Layout
Moon Mission BLB Cover Typewritten Script

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