Mattel #6320 Reconojet Pak

#6320 Reconojet Pak Card Front

This wonderful vehicle would allow a figure laying face-down on a sled, to glide through the air flying along a guide string. The string held the same hook and end as the Jet Propulsion Pak. The figure would lie on his stomach and could view below through a window of red cellophane. Situated above the sled is a jet-style engine with the string threaded through the center. As the Reconojet flew, the radar antenna on the top would spin furiously. Loads of fun!

The Reconojet included a Lazer Pistol and a camera (for taking recon pictures no doubt!), plus plenty of string and a sheet of stickers. Package reads: "Skims Moon Surface for Fly-Over photo Missions! Glides on Moon Surface Tows Space Gear! Remote Control Flight Action!" 


The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 8 1/2" x 12" x 2" Copyright is 1967. The card features an unusual image of Sgt Storm waving to a flying MMM aboard the Reconojet... unusual in that Sgt Storm's helmet is red! Another oddity is that the MMM logo is printed in red on the black, instead of the usual blue. 

#6320 Reconojet Pak Card Back

Sticker Sheet:

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1968 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 16)

On pass-over photo missions RECONOJET flies by remote control on unique tension wire! Rotating antenna scans the galaxy!
Includes Lazer Pistol, camera, radar screen.
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 4 Lbs.


John's Notes:

I believe the Reconojet to be a re-work of the Space Rover, a prototype vehicle shown in several early Mattel Images and used on the front and back cover of the Toy Fair version of the Mattel Catalog in 1967. My thinking is that the original Space Rover proved to be too heavy for traversing a string, and from the toy patent, a bit to complex to setup. Not wanting to lose the concept completely, the Reconojet would be a good compromise, as the vehicle was much lighter and still interesting to view and play with. The Space Rover went on to become the Astro Trac as we know it today.

Of course the only question in my adult mind, is what the Mattel designers were thinking when they created this vehicle as it stands. Jet engines, even ram-style need some type of atmosphere to work. How is this sucker supposed to work on the Moon? So much for Mattel hiring engineers! 

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