Mattel #6344 Space Power Suit Pak

#6344 Space Power Suit Pak Card Front

Another "suit" similar to the Moon Suit, the Space Power Suit concept was one of enhanced abilities providing additional protection from the "elements" while doing "Planet Work." The suit also give us an inkling of the direction Mattel was beginning to go, no longer limiting the astronauts to the Moon. The suit features a two-piece "capsule" - the top part comprised of a blue-tinted dome, which would come apart from the white base for astronaut insertion. The astronaut's legs would extend through a hole in the bottom. "Space Tredders" were mounted to the boots to provide additional stability.

The astronaut would work controls inside the suit to manipulate the "Power Claw" and "Power Hammer" - in reality controlled by yellow-bellows worked by a child, sending compressed air through tubes. This compressed air would open the "Power Claw" (it was spring-loaded to close when no air is applies), and extend the "Power Hammer." The "Power Hammer" was another ingenious use of the Mylar tube also used in the Gamma Ray-Gard. Air pushed through the tube of wrapped Mylar would cause it to extend, pushing the hammer tip with it. Great effect!

The Package reads: "Portable Power Environment for Planet Work * Protective Vista-Dome with Micro-Electron Console! Remote Control Power Claw Samples Planet Crust * Telescoping Power Hammer!"


The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 8 1/2" x 12" x 2 5/8" Copyright is 1968. The primary image features Sgt Storm!

#6344 Space Power Suit Pak Card Back

Sticker Sheet:


Mattel #6344-0920 Space Power Suit Pak (available in some packaged playsets as an accessory and in the chip box version below)

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 Spring Catalog Page 54)

Remote-control grasping Power Claw, and telescoping Power Hammer. Space insignia too!
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 6 Lbs.


  • Chip Box: For some reason, Mattel switched the packaging of their accessory packs from the blister card to a chip-box. This was introduced in the spring of 1970 and continued until the end of the MMM run, with fewer accessories being warehoused in the carded variation. Mattel also went with a "mod" color scheme with most of their toy lines, perhaps to consolidate their brand presence as Barbie took a new, "mod" direction.
    #6344 Space Power Suit Pak Chip Box Front
    #6344 Space Power Suit Pak Chip Box Sides
    #6344 Space Power Suit Pak Chip Box Back

  • Mattel GmbH (German) Strhlen-Schutzanzug
  • CIPSA (Mexico) Capsula Cosmica

John's Notes:

I've always been rather fond of this accessory. You get a lot of bang for the buck, with the two separate remote-controlled actions of Claw and Hammer. Also, because of the thoughtful inclusion of the Space Tredders, a figure displays very well, requiring no additional "hand" to prop the figure upright. 

Note that all of the chip box versions are quite scarce - expect to pay a premium.

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