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Mattel Australia 1969 Catalog Page 23

I ran across this catalog, I think last year or the year prior. I had a few MMM collectors Down Under tell me that MMM was available there but I wasn't aware that Mattel had an actual presence in 1969 until this catalog - I didn't want to make any assumptions and with Europe Mattel used 3rd-Party distributors. In any case, this is the first AU-specific item I've found. Please let me know if you have any packaging variations or other information.

Mattel Toys 1969 Australia Catalog

For Australia Mattel recycled the cover of the 1968 "Toy Fair" Catalog and included 4 pages of Major MATT MASON! On the image above (Page 23) note the mislabeled Astronauts in the Space Station (the original appearance of this page also had these errors - Mattel Toys 1969 Spring Catalog - seems elements from the prior catalog were just reused for Australia).

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