Mattel #6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set

#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Front

This playset was another "Deluxe" version of the Mattel #6340 Space Cannon, accompanied by Capt. Lazer and his accessories. The box is very rare, with images of the Space Cannon being ridden by Capt. Lazer. Seems Mattel proposed selling Captain Lazer with his accessory vehicle as a stand-alone set.

This set contains a very unusual insert, in which Capt. Lazer appears to have been strapped to the bottom, face-down. All the contents, including the instructions were contained in a small, clear plastic bag, stapled to the side of the insert. This set may have received limited distribution, as it is extremely rare to find an intact example today. 

Included were: Firebolt Space Cannon with rotating antenna and space labels; and Capt. Lazer with helmet, boot tredders and three gun attachments. Combined Instructions for the Firebolt and Lazer were also included. 


The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except two sides which have an applied full-color, process-printed label (front and bottom). The box measures 20" by 12 1/4" by 9". Copyright is 1968.

#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Top
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Back
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Bottom
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Ends
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Insert 1
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Insert 2
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Insert 3
#6351 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set Box Insert 4

Sticker Sheet:


Mattel #6351-0920 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set | Back

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 "Fall" Catalog page 59)

Lazer-charged duo! CAPT. LAZER rides the FIREBOLT; turret rotates while power tube and radar screen blaze with lazer beams as the FIREBOLT advances! MATT MASON'S mighty friend from outer space emits flashing eye beams and lazer energy from his Solar Reactor and Cosmic Coder accessories: Cosmic Beacon, Radiation Shield; and Lazer Wand. Batteries for CAPT. LAZER and vehicle not included
Std. Pack: 1/3 Doz.
Wt: 16 Lbs.


The box art features a Firebolt with red/orange plastic parts, indicating that the playset was released after the regular production vehicles had been offered (the images appear to be re-colored early shots). Compare these images with #6340 and #6341 (links below).

John's Notes:

For some reason, this is one of the rarest boxed playsets, with perhaps only a handful known to exist - I believe the example shown is the only one known-about that contains the insert. Note that the insert still has a portion of the contents bag stapled to the side, and that the original contents bag is intact (except for having been split open). The instructions were also folded to be inserted into the same bag.

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