Mattel #5053 Mattel Boys Wallet Assortment

From Mattel Toys 1967 "Toy Fair" Catalog

Mattel's Major Matt Mason Man in Space Wallet was the typical vinyl wallet that several of us remember carrying when we were in grade school. Details of the Wallet may be found on the Man in Space Wallet Page. The assortment appears to have been a table-top box with a background graphic, probably die-cut, announcing Mattel's wonderful "NEW!" product.

This assortment is one of the rarest to be found intact as no one has come forth with an actual case-bound example or even the empty carton.


The assortment probably came in a plain cardboard box with Mattel logos and an assortment number printed on either end. The 1967 Mattel Catalog lists the assortment as "Shipped in illustrated display" - As an existing assortment has not yet materialized, the packaging is unconfirmed and based upon packaging of other display items from the same period.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1967 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 37)

An assortment of 24 wallets - six each of four.
Shipped in illustrated display.
6 ea. Creepy Crawlers Wallet #5054
6 ea. Man-in-Space, Major MATT MASON Wallet #5055
6 ea. Tarzan Wallet #5056
6 ea. Peanuts Wallet #5057

Std. Pack: 1 ea (1 carton)
Wt: 8 Lbs.


The artwork from the 1967 Mattel Catalog is different from the actual production artwork used. Mattel probably decided to re-use the artwork from the Ringbinder: Mattel #5046 Man-in-Space, Major MATT MASON Ringbinder.

John's Notes:

There is a rumor that these wallets came with a small insert in the main ID compartment, showing a Matt with a Space Crawler. This is unconfirmed.

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