Amaury Diaz Serrano MMM Customs

A sample of various designs by Amaury Diaz Serrano

Amaury is an interesting MMM collector and contributor who is also an industrial designer. In the past he has created automotive toy concepts adapted by Mattel (specifically for Hot Wheels). Amaury specializes in prototyping and his efforts really show in all of the MMM-inspired designs he's created over many years. Amaury always takes things to the next level, applying his love for good design and often improving concepts by making toys that are reconfigurable with lots of play options.

Since these are prototypes his projects go through many phases, both in design concepts and finally through his naming, often transitioning multiple times as he revisits past projects.

Amaury Diaz Serrano "The Rocket"

Submitted 2012

Amaury takes on the question "How did Major Matt Mason get to the moon?" with this configurable version of the Spaceship Case, including landing gear and observation capsule.

Amaury Diaz Serrano Space Lunar Lander

Submitted 2012

I always thought this was a missing MMM vehicle and now Amaury gives Matt and crew a way to get to the surface of the moon!

Amaury Diaz Serrano Space Intercepter 1

Submitted 2013

Amaury's Interceptor looks like a cross between two of Gerry Anderson's UFO vehicles to me, the Lunar Interceptor and the SkyDiver SkyOne - perfect for defending Matt Mason and crew.

Amaury Diaz Serrano XRG-2

Submitted 2013

My favorite of Amaury's vehicle updates, the XRG-2 is design perfection!

Amaury Diaz Serrano XRG-2 Fighter

Submitted 2013

A perfect upgrade to the XRG-1 to help defend against alien marauders.

  • Custom Fighter 20 (2019)
  • Custom Gemini Rocket (2019)
  • Custom Moon Speeder (Snow Speeder) (2020)
  • Custom Pods (2020)
  • Custom Recono 68 (2020)
  • Custom Moon Base (2021)
  • Custom Moon Rover (2021)
  • Custom Space Scooters (2021)
  • Satellite Cannon MND (2021)
  • Custom Workbee (2021)
  • Custom XRG-3 PanAm (2021)
  • Custom Space Roller (2022)
  • Custom Fantasy Spaceship (MMM Intercepter) (2022)

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You can reach Amaury Diaz Serrano on Facebook, he's also an active member of the MAJOR MATT MASON Facebook group.

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