Major Matt Mason Product Placement Promotions

1968 MMM Promotion from Nabisco Shreeddies cereal, Great Britain

Food Promotions

Prior to the 1990 Children's Television Act it was common in the US and other countries to market toys directly to kids - this forged relationships between manufactures, especially food producers, and toy companies like Mattel. The very first food-affiliated ads that I remember viewing on TV were the ubiquitous Wheaties commercials that would broadcast during the Olympics, each box featuring an athlete that you could view while eating the vile cereal (vile in context of the super-sugary offerings during the 60's) - it was around that time that I noticed cereal premiums, usually some cheap plastic toy - and yes this carried over to Mattel in various ways both in the US and Internationally. As with other pages I'll list these by date when known.

1967 Nabisco Funny Face Drink Mix Contest

This 1967 Funny Face Drink Mix was prominently exposed as part of a two page spread in Jack & Jill Magazine, August, 1967. The ad also appeared as a full-color page in some major metropolitan areas.

1968 Dairy Queen D.Q. Jet Poster

Major Matt Mason makes a cameo appearance in a Dairy Queen ad (unlikely this is a licensed use of the good Major's image and probably why it's blurred).

1968 MMM Promotion from Nabisco Shreeddies cereal, Great Britain

This is one of several Nabisco promotions that includes at least two and possibly three cereal boxes. I don't believe Nabisco Shreeddies brand cereal was ever available in the US, though it is still available in Canada and Great Britain.  Sometime in 1968 Nabisco had an arrangement with Mattel to market MMM on their Shreeddies cereal box.

June 14, 1969 MMM Promotion from Shippams Spreads, Joe 90 Magazine

"Win a Super-Sensational Matt Mason Space Set" - This looks to be a Space Station Space Crawler Super Action Set with an extra Sgt Storm on Cat Trac.

Non-Food Promotions

Oct 19, 1967 MMM Proctor & Gamble Promotion 

Founds this ad in the Geneva Times. "Win a kid a Mattel toy."

"It's A Child's World" Sweepstakes... winners can choose from these Mattel toys!"

1968 Gulf Oil MMM Figure Promotion

This is an extremely rare item that was probably used as a test market campaign in a very specific region (rumor is mid-west). Very little information is known about this piece and little or no collateral marketing or sales information has been found in reference to the campaign. 

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