Mattel Astrospace Center - Canada Club

Mattel Astrospace Corps Patch - Canada Club

For Canadian kids there were some minor changes to items distributed to Canada including a stiff-paper I.D. card with a line for "Province" on address input lines and a small reflective cloth MAC patch (above) instead of the iron-on transfer. 

The basic kit included the I.D. Card, the sticker and a mail-away card with envelope for the cap.

Canada MAC Club Contents (Image from eBay Ad)

MAC Canada ID Card

In Canada the MAC Club kit came with a paper I.D. Card rather than the vinyl wallet. Note the space for Province - a bit of a throwback to the original Major Matt Mason Club Kit. The card is 2 1/2" tall by 4" wide.

MAC Canada ID Card Back

MAC Canada Cloth Sticker

Rather than distribute the kit with an iron-on patch like the US version, in Canada you got a slightly smaller (2 1/2" tall by 2 1/4" wide unused) reflective cloth sticker/patch, presumably to attach to your jacket or shirt sleeve.
Size Comparison to the US Iron-on Transfer

MAC Canada Order Form

Along with the club kit, Canadian kids would get an order form and an envelope so they can acquire the MAC Cap (images from an eBay auction).

MAC Canada Order Envelope

MAC "Baseball" Cap

By sending in a club kit coupon, a member of the Mattel Astrospace Center could (with the addition of a couple of dollars plus shipping) order the MAC cap. The cap features the MAC logo with gold leaves (heat transfer) on the brim. The cap is made of a blue poly-blend with a fake leather band (notice the cracks from age). The cap is sized for a child and is 4-panel in construction (a style that hasn't been produced in 20 years!). The MAC logo is a 3-color heat transfer style patch done in amazing detail. The opening is about 7" in diameter.

There's also a flat-top variant of this cap that is 3-panel in construction with yellow "leaves" instead of the gold on the brim. I believe this cap was issued in Canada or in Europe (probably the latter). The diameter of the cap opening is tighter than the 7" in the US version, with two elastic gussets at the back.

Comparison 4-panel left vs 3-panel right

John's Notes:

From a recently acquired Simpsons-Sears Christmas catalog, it seems that you would qualify for an "Exclusive Bonus" when buying the Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set or the Uni-Tred and Space Bubble set that would include the MAC kit (and possibly the MAC cap - not clear if the cap was on hand or attained through the mail-away card). 
MAC Exclusive Bonus Offer
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