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Talking Command Console from Mattel 1967 Dealer Catalog

There are two Major Matt Mason "Talking" toys: the Talking Command Console and the Voice Command Flight Pak. These were both available in English in the US and Canada, with variations in German, Italian and French for the European market. Recordings of each are available below. Note that if you know of the whereabouts of any additional audio clips, please contact me.

Talking Command Console

Where Mattel came up with these phrases is a mystery, perhaps taking their cue from Mercury and Gemini flights that were televised. Even though the catalog lists "10 exciting flight maneuvers in all, along with real space sounds!" I've only ever heard 9. Here is a list with sound files and approximate file sizes:

Sound Files:

Click to Listen 1.) "Ready for blast-off! 3 - 2 - 1 Barroommm!!" 204 KB
Click to Listen 2.) "beeps... Batteries recharged Major! " 188 KB
Click to Listen 3.) "Taking immediate action to evade meteor storm.
      Hold on Sgt!"
211 KB
Click to Listen 4.) "Fuel supply almost exhausted Major.
      Switch to reserve."
216 KB
Click to Listen 5.) "Moon station on scanners Major.
      Shall we make contact?"
196 KB
Click to Listen 6.) "Recalibrate instruments for rendezvous
      and docking maneuvers."
199 KB
Click to Listen 7.) "Orbit achieved Sgt,
      unfasten belts and switch on scanners."
215 KB
Click to Listen 8.) "Close helmet visor Sgt,
      instruments show we're losing oxygen."
218 KB
Click to Listen 9.) "Scanners indicate meteor storm directly ahead.
      See it Major?"
219 KB

Voice Command Flight Pak

Sold as part of the #6362 #Talking Major Matt Mason or #6378 Talking Flying Major Matt Mason sets, the Voice Command Flight Pak provided recordings that would activate when a figured place within the pak was lowered via string (much like the Jet Propulsion Pak).
Click to Listen 1.) "Instrument Check A-OK." 104 KB
Click to Listen 2.) "Mission Accomplished, Returning to Ship." 130 KB
Click to Listen 3.) "Unavailable" 0 KB
Click to Listen 4.) "(garbled)...Switch on Scanner" 969 KB

Italian Voice Command Flight Pak

Collector Bill Ystrom of Chicago adds his own contribution to the Italian portion of, with this Italian Talking Backpack.  Molded in the same colors and part of Mattel's Major Matt Mason presence in Italy, this backpack is virtually indistinguishable from an English-speaking one.  Its outstanding feature is its nearly incomprehensible (at least to us goofy Americans) Italian.  Bill sent me the .wav files below.  
Click to Listen 1.) "Riscontro forte la attività" 74 KB
Click to Listen 2.) "Controllo (attivi) nucleari O.K." 75 KB
Click to Listen 3.) "Sigillate le guarnizioni col laser" 69 KB
Click to Listen 4.) "Tempesta magnetica, non sento" 72 KB
Click to Listen 5.) "Novità nessuna. Passo e chiudo" 79 KB

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