Major Matt Mason Paper Items & Miscellaneous

Early MMM Club Kit Photo

Major Matt Mason Trading Cards

Here are the 2 trading cards that were issued in the 1990s (for lack of a better place to include them)..


Major Matt Mason Whitman Paper Products

Western Publishing had the license for MMM's paper related materials. The following items were produced by Western Publishing Co. under their Whitman publishing division during the late 60's.


Major Matt Mason Club Kits

I've assembled several images of the Major Matt Mason and MAC Club kit items, both domestic and foreign.


Major Matt Mason Advertisements & Promotionss

Go to this page to view actual print ads from Comic Books, Magazines and Mattel Ad circulars


Major Matt Mason Catalog Appearances

Find scans of original Mattel Retailer Catalogs here. Also, as children we all picked our toys out of Christmas Wishbook catalogs distributed by Sears, J.C Penney, Montgomery Ward and the like.


Major Matt Mason Instruction Sheets Page

Bringing up this page will allow the viewer to read actual instruction sheets at 100% magnification, download and print them. Included are foreign-language versions.


Major Matt Mason Sticker Sheets

I've tried to assemble as many unused sticker sheets as possible on this page. They are copied at 100% and can be downloaded. With "sticker" paper and a color printer, one can reproduce usable copies at home for items missing stickers! I've made little attempt to "clean them up" so there will be some flaws, but these will do in a pinch.


Major Matt Mason Product Placement Promotions

The Major appeared as a promotion to several food-related items, mostly via Nabisco and Proctor and Gamble in the US and others overseas.


Major Matt Mason Miscellaneous Items

Here I've placed items that were licensed from Mattel and a few items that were unlicensed.


Major Matt Mason Knock-Offs

Look here for toys that were copied from Major Matt Mason, or objects that actually inspired the Mattel team to create the line. I've placed the Life Magazine with the Moon Suit cover here as well as the Cake Topper.



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