Mattel #8178 Astro Trac Gift Set

#8178 Astro Trac Gift Set Box Front/Back

This Simpsons-Sears and Simpson's exclusive was marketed in Canada by Mattel Canada Ltd. This set is truly unique and not available in the US, only through the Simpsons-Sears Catalog. This set included an Astro-Trac, one Mobile Launch Pad, a Satellite Launcher, Sergeant Storm and Major Matt Mason! The box is printed on all sides without the usual full-color label applied to two sides. Note that the MMM logo includes Sergeant Storm's name and that the box is printed "Men in Space" as opposed to the usual "Man in Space." 

MLP Images:
Satellite Launch


The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink). The box measures 14 1/4" by 9" by 7". Copyright is 1967. The box reads: "Features Major Matt Mason, Sergeant Storm with Astro Trac, Mobile Launching Pad and Satellite Launch Pack." and "Launches Satellites from Moon Surface. Mighty Mobile Planet Explorer - Complete with Major Matt Mason and his Buddy Sergeant Storm in Flexible Suit and Astro Trac." Note the spelling for Sergeant instead of "Sgt" and Pack instead of "Pak."

#8178 Astro Trac Gift Set Box Top
#8178 Astro Trac Gift Set Box Ends
#8178 Astro Trac Gift Set Box Contents

Sticker Sheets:


  • Canadian Astro-Trac
  • Canadian Satellite Launch Pak

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(Not Found in Regular Mattel Retailer Catalogs. First appearance: Simpsons-Sears 1968 Catalog). 

This was a Simpsons-Sears Catalog Exclusive, so it does not appear in regular Mattel Retailer Catalogs. It was probably described in some type of Sears Tear Sheet, and first appears on Simpsons-Sears Wishbooks for 1968, page 81:

Major Matt Mason Gift Set
Includes plastic Astro Trak, a rugged mobile explorer with astro-traction rear wheels -- space designed: launching pad, satellite launch pak. Matt Mason, Sgt. Storm.
49 N 38019 -- Set. del'd.................12.99


None Known

John's Notes:

It's interesting that the 1968 Simpsons-Sears Christmas Catalog also lists another unusual set... a Major Matt Mason Locker Set, described as "...with clear vinyl window showcases -- includes Matt Mason in his space suit in one of 3 sections -- room to store Sgt. Storm and space gear (not included). Washable 49 N 38 032 -- 12x7" high. Set.....4.99. In a conversation with long-time collector Bill Ystrom, Bill mentions once seeing a Satellite Locker that had a vacu-form insert instead of the usual cardboard printed one. I wonder if he actually saw this set instead? He's still kicking himself for not buying it!

Photographs taken and provided by Larry "The Sharkman" Chinn..

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