Whitman 4426 Major Matt Mason Boxed Round Jigsaw Puzzle

The 125 piece round jigsaw puzzle was part of Whitman's "Junior Guild" puzzle line, marketed for the less juvenile kids. This puzzle features three astronauts (MMM, Sgt Storm and another "Matt") defending the Moon with a Firebolt Space Cannon and Roto-jet guns from attacking "green-suited" marauders. The attackers have conical helms with "martian" style antennae and are flying above via jet-paks. With 125 pieces one would think that this 20 inch puzzle would be difficult. I found that the round edges, however, make it easier to assemble (It took me 10 minutes the first time I tried it). Other "Junior Guild" puzzles included "Land of the Giants," "Scooby Doo,"Johnny Lightening" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

MMM Firebolt Space Cannon 


MMM Round Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Whitman Files and Original Artwork

I had written previously when the original artwork was offered up on eBay - this is an image from the auction - I believe one of my friends owns this piece.

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