Major Matt Mason Canadian Period Newspaper Ads

Major Matt Mason from Le Solei 1969.10.14

Some of these are random images sent to me by MMM collectors - others I've found in some of the public online Canadian periodical search engines. - I've attributed them to various newspapers with dates if possible. Note the reuse of various artwork, probably supplied by Mattel Canada LTD (as much of it seems unique to the Canadian market), for use by the various retailers. From the dates I'd say there was a big push to get Major Matt Mason into stores during November of 1967.

1967.11.01 La Presse Page 23 Towers Discount Stores Ad

Neat well-rendered graphic images of the Space Crawler.

1967.11.19 Dimanche-Matin Page 63 Dominion Playworld Ad

Small graphic image of MMM on a Space Sled wearing a Jet Propulsion Pak. Same small graphic as the 1967.11.14 La Presse ad above.

1967.11.15 La Presse Page 115 Dominion a Place Bonaventure Ad

Small graphic image of MMM on a Space Sled wearing a Jet Propulsion Pak.

1967.11.20 La Seigneurie Page 22 LaSalle Holiday Ad

This LaSalle Holiday Ad was published across multiple Canadian newspapers and features most of the items made available during Major Matt Mason's first year of production.

1967.11.23 La Voix DeL'Est Page 21 LaSalle Holiday Sale Ad

Similar ad as 1967.11.20 La Seigneurie Page 22 above published in a different paper and day (footer is also slightly different).

1968.12.04 La Presse Page 5 Morgan VILLE-JOUETS Christmas Discounts Ad

Major Matt Mason Flight Card on sale at all Morgan stores!

1968.12.20 Le Nouvelliste Page 24 Dupuis Holiday Ad

For 1968 the DUPUIS department store in Montreal published this ad taking up most of the page (5 of 6 columns) in Le Nouvelliste, just before Christmas.

1969.06.06 La Presse Page 10 Morgan Stores Snoopy Apollo 10 Toys Ad

This ad celebrates Snoopy as both the character (astronaut version) and as the unofficial mascot of the Apollo 10 LM (the CM was called Charlie Brown).

1969 La Presse (Canada) Miracle Mart ad

Four astronauts represented in this Canadian ad for the Montréal market coinciding with the Apollo 11 mission.

1969.10.14 Le Soleil Page 48 Simpsons-Sears Holiday Ad

Simpson-Sears holiday ad in Le Soleil

1969.11.12 La Voix De L'Est Page 9 LaSalle Ad

LaSalle would repeat the use of the Space (MMM) section of this ad in several newspapers. It's fairly comprehensive with some of the latest MMM toys, plus the giant Revell Saturn V for only C$ 9.99!

1969.11.12 Le Courrier Du Sud Page24 LaSalle Ad

Same ad as La Voix De L'Est above only narrower (taking up 5 of 6 columns).

1969.11.20 La Feuilled d'Erable Centre des étrennes Mattel Ad

R. Farmer store promoting Mattel toys from Centre des étrennes Mattel.

1970.08.12 La Voix De L'Est Page 19 Wolco Ad

Very wordy full-page sales ad from Woolco for La Voix De L'Est in 1970 with several items at 50% off. I've inferred what's being referenced below.

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