MMM Restoration - Parts Cleaning

Cleaning White Parts:

I'm not sure who came up with this technique, however I've heard it works (I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself). Fill the bathtub with warm water. Stir in about a 1/2 cup of bleach. Insert white parts (such as Space Station floors) and let set for an hour. You probably shouldn't leave the parts in too long...there may be an adverse affect on the 30+ year old plastic. This technique is supposed to bring back the whiteness of the may only bleach the grime layer. My suggestion is that after soaking for an hour, you should lightly scrub the plastic with soap, water and a soft bristle brush. Afterward, rise well (try to remove all the scent of bleach) and let air dry.

In one of my other toy groups there's another method used by some to remove stubborn staining in white parts. You can purchase an intense 12% Hydrogen Peroxide at beauty supply stores. You basically coat the white items and leave them in a clear zip-lock bag outside so the sun helps to bleach out any staining (flip it a few times). The stuff is pretty caustic so make sure you're wearing gloves - also, I wouldn't recommend this method if the plastic has become brittle (it'll feel rough with the surface dusting off). As always, use at your own risk.

Cleaning by Alec Peters:

I'm once again not sure who came up with this method. I first saw it used by Alec Peters, who has had great luck with the procedure. Fill the dishwasher with plastic parts. Use a mild dishwasher soap and normal heat setting for the water. Turn on for a normal cycle. I would recommend that you DO NOT use the heat drying cycle if the dishwasher has one. I would also recommend that you DO NOT use Jet Dry or another rinsing agent. Let air dry. Of course, any decals present will be toast.

Cleaning by Matt Jenson:

Hello All, I have found another way to clean MMM plastic items. I used liquid Lava soap in the pump bottle and a soft toothbrush. I tried it on a space sled and the dirt, grime and old adhesive came off with very little work. I used it on a helmets that I had previously cleaned with bleach and water and the Lava soap removed dirt the bleach didn't. I ended up cleaning all my helmets and was amazed at the difference.

Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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