MMM Collector Christmas Images

Paul Vreede 2002
Over the many years that I've both collected Major Matt Mason and helped to organize the various social media sites, I've been sent or have copied from posts, many MMM images which often appear around Christmas. I think there's a special bond between the kids who love Major Matt Mason and the holiday when they were often obtained. I've collected most of the vintage images in the Vintage Image Gallery, so this page is devoted to images passed around by group members, mostly collectors, that include vignettes with Major Matt Mason figures. I've included the creator and a date if known. As usual, if something is mis-attributed please let me know and I'll correct.
Frank May 2010
Pete DiBenedetto 2013
Thierry Voreux 2017
Thierry Voreux 2019
Thierry Voreux 2020
Andreas Schacht 2020
Craig Hedges 2022
Andreas Schacht 2022
Andreas Schacht 2023
Dale Melbie 2023
Jon Foshee 2023
Mark Perdue 2023
Shawn Bain 2023
Thierry Voreux 2023

Should anybody reading this have any similar images, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them and sharing them.

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