Mattel #6357 Star Seeker

#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 1
Basically a programmable Space Capsule for Major Matt Mason found in an unusual and colorful 6-sided box. 

MMM Star Seeker


The box is hexagonal and made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in full-blown hippy-dippy black, white and blue ink), except the front sides to left and right, which have an applied full-color, process-printed label. The package measures 11" by 9 1/2" by 12 5/8". Copyright is 1969. The box reading counter-clockwise (side 1 is the front):

  • Side 1: "Star Seeker™ with Memory Guidance System"
  • Side 2: "Plot a Course! Plug it In! STAR SEEKER follows your commands!"
  • Side 3: "Major Matt Mason sits at controls, helmet rests on module's control panel. Any astronaut can be seated behind lift-up tinted bubble dome." and "Space Decals included too!"
  • Side 4: "Route Star Seeker through solar system! Full-color, stand-up set includes: Mercury, Earth, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Venus, Sun and Moon.
  • Side 5: "The Star Seeker's Memory Guidance System has eleven memory pegs, three control positions each. Rotating memory guidance system turns Star Seeker at your command. Or plug the memory pegs at random and predict where it will go. 2D batteries required, not included" and a sticker: "Major MATT MASON© doll not included."
  • Side 6: "Send Major MATT MASON© on more than 100,000 different cosmic journeys!"

This package qualifies as having the most unique text of any MMM playset box!

#6357 Star Seeker Box Top
#6357 Star Seeker Box Contents
#6357 Star Seeker Box Insert
#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 6
#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 5
#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 4
#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 3
#6357 Star Seeker Box Side 2
#6357 Star Seeker Box Bottom

Sticker Sheets:


Mattel #6357-0920 Star Seeker 2 variations:
Style "A" (B&W version): Outside | Inside
Style "B"(color version): Cover & 8 | 2 & 7 | 3 & 6 | 4 & 5


Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1970 "Fall" Catalog page 28)

You send any Mattel astronaut on more than 100,000 different inter-stellar routes! You set STAR SEEKER'S course with control pegs - any direction you choose. STAR SEEKER remembers your commands.
The STAR SEEKER glides forward on a path predicted by the 11 control pegs on the revolving Memory Guidance System. Each peg fits in one of three positions, right, left or straight, in an endless number of combinations!
Any Mattel astronaut rides safely in the Upper Control Deck, protected by a movable tinted shield. 11" tall, the STAR SEEKER turns off its battery power automatically, signaling the end of its mission.
Create a circuit around our Solar System (the Sun and planets are included). It can be programmed to return to the starting point or run at random.
Tuck-end package with 4-color label, 11" x 9 ½" x 12".
Astronauts and batteries not included.
Std. Pack: 1/2 Doz.
Wt: 15 Lbs.


  • Two different instruction sheets as described above
  • Rare Catalog version:
    Bought from eBay, this is a rare plain-boxed JC Penney version of the Star Seeker. Note the plain brown box with simple stamping of the Mattel Item numbers, and the JC Penney tag.

JC Penney Label
#6357 Star Seeker JC Penney Catalog Box
#6357 Star Seeker JC Penney Catalog Box Contents
#6357 Star Seeker JC Penney Catalog Box

John's Notes:

I never really cared for this toy, until several years later when I had the opportunity to run one and try to program it to avoid obstacles. It's actually quite entertaining to watch and try to make work correctly. I find it interesting that there are so many oddities in the accessory: the unusual box, the cardboard cut-outs, the excessive marketing verbiage on the package, the extensive instructions, even the planned Voyage to Galaxy III playset. All very unusual and unique to this playset. It's even more fun to have an astronaut figure hanging off the armature in a "space walk" via the Walk in Space Set (see below)

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