Mattel Corporate Items

Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Corporate Logo 1961-1969

I own a few items that were issued by Mattel that don't fit into regular categories. These are items that were issued by Mattel for internal, employee use. So here's a new landing page to feature those items - I'll try to list them by date.

Mattel Toy Talk Newsletters

Mattel Toy Talk was the bi-weekly newsletter coming in around 8 1/2" x 11" printed on slick paper with a stapled binding. This employee publication was given at the various Mattel locations - I believe it was also sent to remote employees and may have been passed out during stockholder meetings.

Mattel Stockholder Publications

These are various Mattel documents provided for stockholders. These start as relatively simple documents and progress into something a bit nicer as time progresses and Mattel's success skyrockets.

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