Mattel #6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac

#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Front

Major Matt Mason's space buddy Jeff Long is I believe the first African-American in space and perhaps the second black action figure (GI Joe preceded Jeff Long by a couple of years). 


Jeff comes with a white Cat Trac on an orange/brown lunar background. In the distance, a LEM (Lunar Excursion Module)-type vehicle is blasting off the ground. Jeff Long typically is found waving as are most other figures on cat trac cards.

Jeff is perhaps the rarest of the astronaut figures, as he was the most short-packed in figure assortments. He was also unavailable in sets, also contributing to his rarity. There are three known packaging variations of the cat trac card (see below). Jeff could also be found in the window-boxed, Space Center "Astronaut" box (see below). 

#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Back
#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Bottom
#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Top
#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Side 1
#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac Card Side 2
#6332 Jeff Long with Cat Trac vs Lunar Trac Comparison


The card is full-color, process-printed and is 8" x 5" x 2 1/4" Copyright is 1968. The card reads: "Major Matt Mason's Space Buddy, Jeff Long, Space Scientist-Rocketry...Rides his lunar trac- Searches for rocket launch sites."

Paper Insert:

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 Spring Catalog Page 53)

NEW! JEFF LONG Space Scientist - Rocketry #6332
 Scientist-adventurer explores cosmic frontiers! JEFF LONG travels on his own Lunar Trac to study the new frontiers.
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 4 ½ Lbs.
Each poseable 6" astronaut features plastiformed space helmets with moveable tinted visors.


At some point, Mattel went to a tall-card variation of Jeff (and all other cat trac carded figures). I've seen no explanation for the change...perhaps they were updating the look of the line (this can also be seen with the items released late in 69 and in 70, with the 60's/70's Mod color combinations).
  • Paper Insert "Cat Trac Included" Variant: Comparison
  • Paper Insert "Lunar Trac Included" Variant: Comparison
  • Tall Jeff Long Cat Trac Card Front | Back | Detail 
  • German Jeff Long Front | Back

John's Notes:

This is definitely the hardest figure to find loose and in mint condition. He was also the short-packed figure in both of the available assortments that list this package. It's no wonder he is so difficult to find. I personally believe Jeff Long is rarer than Scorpio in package. 

I've always heard that Jeff is sometimes packed in the Space Mission Team playset, but I've as yet to see any evidence that this is true.

He may also be found in:

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