Mattel #6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak

#6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak Front
A new projectile firing accessory, the Gamma Ray-Gard was supposed to fire "shields" to protect the astronauts from Gamma Rays. Basically a cannon mounted to a red tripod base via swivel-mount, the Gard would fire gold Mylar projectiles using their stored potential energy. Really an ingenious toy by today's standards, each Mylar projectile was twisted around a rod and heated so that they would retain their shape. These tubes of film could then be compresses and loaded into the Gard. When the red knob at the rear of the cannon was turned, an internal chamber would release the compressed Mylar to fire from the barrel. This simple device provided loads of "safe" fun and the projectiles could be used over and over.

The Gamma Ray-Gard was accompanied by a sticker sheet and five "Gamma Ray-Gard Probes" (projectiles). The card reads: "Launches Telescoping Gamma Ray-Gard Probes! Deflects Dangerous Solar Gamma Rays in Space!" also on the back: "Dangerous Solar Gamma Rays are Captured and Deflected Wherever Gamma Ray-Gard Probes Land in Space!" 


The initial card packaging is full-color, process-printed and is 8 1/2" x 12" x 2 1/2" Copyright is 1968. Note the Chip-box version images below.

#6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak Back

Sticker Sheet:

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 Spring Catalog page 54)

Space probes combat radioactive materials and harmful gamma rays! Automatic launch as unit swivels in all directions. 5 metallic probes, insignia.
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 4 Lbs.


  • Chip Box: For some reason, Mattel switched the packaging of their accessory packs from the blister card to a chip-box. This was introduced in the spring of 1970 and continued until the end of the MMM run, with fewer accessories being warehoused in the carded variation. Mattel also went with a "mod" color scheme with most of their toy lines, perhaps to consolidate their brand presence as Barbie took a new, "mod" direction.

    #6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak Chip Box Front
    #6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak Chip Box Sides
    #6342 Gamma Ray-Gard Pak Chip Box Back
  • Mattel GmbH (German): Gamma-Strahlen Abwehrkanone
  • Prototype Gamma Ray-Gard 1
  • Prototype Gamma Ray-Gard 2  

John's Notes:

I own two prototype cannons, one I believe was the progenitor to the Gamma Ray-Gard. What is unusual is that the cannon's barrel was made of plastic, spun much like the "Gamma Ray-Gard" projectiles. It is designed to attach a projectile to the tip. When a string is pulled, the barrel would telescope out and hurl the projectile away from the "gun." The cannon could raise and lower its barrel for distance/accuracy. I also have a hand-carved Gamma Ray-Gard with different painted effects. This latter prototype was probably used in Mattel Photography prior to the actual production of molds for the toy. 

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