Mattel #6353 Lunar Base Command Set

#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Front

The largest Mattel playset, both in box size and in the quantity of items, the Lunar Base Command Set certainly demands a certain amount of respect. It contained the Space Station, Space Crawler, Uni-Tred, Space Bubble, Callisto (with accessories) and a Major Matt Mason figure, accompanied by his helmet, a Space Sled and Jet Propulsion Pak. All components came in a gigantic box, rivaling the earlier 60's "grocery store" sets produced by Remco and Topper. The set appears to have been offered only during the fall of 1969 and examples are rather elusive on today's collector market.

Much has been said about the individual components of the Lunar Base Command Set, please refer to sets 6300, 6304, 6308, 6331, 6345 and 6346 for details (links below). Note that the images show the red/orange girder from later station examples.


The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except two sides which have an applied full-color, process-printed label (front and bottom). The box measures 20" by 16" by 16". Copyright is 1968. The box reads: "Complete with Major Matt Mason and Callisto, Major Matt Mason's Friend from Jupiter!" and "Space Crawler with Unlimited Power - Crawls over Anything! - Always Lands on its Feet! - Powerful Winch and Hoister! - Contains Space Station with Control Center! - 2 Space Platforms! - Flashing Space Radar Beacon! - Swing Down Solar Panels!" also "Uni-Tred Lunar Transport! - Automatically Shifts Gears as it Climbs! - Adjustable Tow-Yoke Tows Space Bubble Behind Space Crawler! - Space Bubble! - Rolls 360° Over Planet Terrain! - Gyro-Seat Control Center Keeps Astronaut Upright as it Rolls!" and finally "Complete with Major Matt Mason and Callisto, Major Matt Mason's Friend from Jupiter! - Jet Propulsion Back Pak and Space Sled Included." "powered by 5 "D" batteries (not included)"

#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Top
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Ends
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Back
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Bottom
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Contents 1
#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Contents 2
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#6353 Lunar Base Command Set Box Empty

Sticker Sheet:



Mattel #6300 Major Matt MASON Flight Card Back
Mattel #6331-0920 Callisto
Mattel #6308-0922 Space Station: Outside | Inside
Mattel #6304-0920 Space Crawler | Back
Mattel #6339-0920 Uni-Tred & Space Bubble: Outside | Inside

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 "Fall" Catalog Page 55)

Establish an outer space colony complete with transportation, housing, and an astronaut crew! Complex space toy offers an unusual variety of play situations.
Major MATT MASON and his superhumanoid friend CALLISTO command the Space Station, transported over planet terrain by the power house Space Crawler. Together the two astronauts explore unknown landscapes with the remarkable UNI-TRED and SPACE BUBBLE using the Space Sled and Jet Pak for brief maneuvers! Vehicle batteries not included.
Std. Pack: 1/4 Doz.
Wt: 30 Lbs.



John's Notes:

I'm not sure what possessed the minds at Mattel to produce this playset, but I'm glad they did. I would have gone nuts wanting this set if I had ever seen it as a kid. This set is one of the ultimate sets to collect, in my opinion, as it contained more stuff than any other single set. The box is really massive and is the centerpiece of my boxed collection. Of course you do need room to display it to get the full effect.

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