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If you're looking for "Toy Story" the movie, try the Disney Web Page or the Pixar Web Site! This portion of my site is devoted to the telling of actual "toy stories" and the only connection is the name (it's coincidental that both this page and the movie are about cherished toys, many received during a birthday party or Christmas!)

I created this page one day while thinking about a story Keith Meyer told me over the phone. His favorite toy to receive for Christmas was the Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set. He was telling me about how he still has the box today (his mother had used it to store Christmas ornaments or something ...with tape to secure the open side!). Keith and I were reminiscing about our first memories about MMM...and how the Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set became his favorite. I related to him my story of the Astro-Trac Missile Convoy set that I got for Christmas (I've included the tale below). A little while after talking to Keith I began to think...the stories from our childhoods are really what makes collecting Major Matt Mason toys so important to us today. Shouldn't we be sharing those stories with everyone? Occasionally someone on the MMM mailing list would tell his "story" and these memories really make the mailing list come alive and seem worthwhile. Thus the creation of this portion of my site, as a permanent location and archive of these stories.

Around 2001 a thread was started on the list with this same topic. Note that most of these submissions are fairly old - as of 2023 add 22 years to the posted contributor ages. I've included list members' contributions below. If you're looking for a lot of pictures with the stories, you'll be disappointed (hell, you're lucky that any of this stuff is remembered at all!) - I do have a separate Image Gallery that includes vintage photos garnered from the web or posted to various sites. What you'll find instead are actual stories, mostly from Christmas time or birthdays, about toys that fellow collectors cherish today.

Not all the stories are about Major Matt Mason. Rather they are about any toy that was significant and is fondly (or maybe not!) remembered today. I invite anyone who has a story to share to send it to me, along with any pictures from the time. 

Thanks for contributing. John Eaton

On to the Stories!

Vintage Image Gallery

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