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Frank May's Orbital Space Station

I think I've known frank for over 25 years - he was one of the first people that I know that got into customizing MMM-scaled vehicles and items, starting with his custom interpretation of the Or & Orbitor (at the time there were only tiny images available of both from a Mattel Catalog) and the Space Rover (the progenitor of the Astro-Trac and Reconojet). I created pages for each of his creations and had added them to the wildtoys site - unfortunately I stopped making updates sometime in 2006 so I've had to catch-up a bit on his customs - fortunately I saved most of Frank's posted content and images - I think this is most of them. There are frankly (pun-intended) too many to list separately on the Customization page, so here they are aggregated into a single list. Enjoy!

Frank May's Or & Orbitor Custom Recreation

Submitted 1997

Using a tiny image from a Mattel Catalog scan, Frank makes quite a passable Or & Orbitor

Frank May's Space Rover

Submitted 1997

Frank recreates the never-produced Space Rover from the rare 1967 Mattel Catalog and the Starlog Guide to Science Fiction Toys!

Frank May's Space Mobile #6

Submitted 1999.02.02

Frank's take on the Tomy produced vehicle available in the Sears Wishbook, Matt style!

Frank May's Mobile Lunar Lab Custom

Submitted 2007.04.16

Frank scales up the 4-inch Golden Astronaut's toy to fit an MMM figure!

Frank May's Lunar Prospector Custom

Submitted 2007.05.01

Frank scales up the 3-inch Golden Astronaut's toy to fit an MMM figure!

Frank May's Tonka Crater Crawler Custom

Submitted 2008.01.31

Frank scales up the Tonka Crater Crawler to fit MMM figures!

Frank May's Orbital Space Station

Submitted 2008.02.01

Well excuted "Donut" style space station scaled for MMM and crew!

Frank May's Other Site Contributions:

You can find Frank May on Facebook., he's still a regular participant on the MAJOR MATT MASON Facebook group.

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