Mattel #6322 Satellite Locker

#6322 Satellite Locker Front

The Satellite Locker was another accessory case, much like a doll-case, created from vinyl-covered cardboard and vacuform plastic. As mentioned in other listings, Mattel acquired the Standard Plastics company sometime in the mid-60's, and used their manufacturing facilities to create an assortment of cases (mostly for Barbie, but also for Hot Wheels, Liddle Kiddles and others), Wallets and the like. The Satellite Locker was similar to other cases Mattel produced, being a top-opening, compartmentalized box, featuring a clear vinyl window into one compartment (a cardboard insert with an image of Major Matt Mason stood here).

The case came unboxed, with a stiff-paper hang-tag attached with a black string. The sides were made of vacuformed plastic, resembling rocker thrusters and fuel tanks. The front and back display interesting images of Major Matt Mason and Sgt Storm (note the red helmet on Storm - tons of speculation about colored helmets). A white plastic handle and metal clasp detailed the top/lid. Inside are three white compartments and the insert mentioned above.

#6322 Satellite Locker Back
#6322 Satellite Locker Top
#6322 Satellite Locker Inside
#6322 Satellite Locker Bottom
#6322 Satellite Locker Sides
#6322 Satellite Locker Insert and Hang Tag


Marketed loose with a hang-tag.

Sticker Sheet:




Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1968 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 17)

NEW! Satellite Locker #6322
Clear, vinyl window showcases on of the three storage sections for Major MATT MASON, SGT. STORM and space gear. Washable and portable, 3-D side panels, plastic handle. 12" x 7 ½"
Std. Pack: 6/12 Doz.
Wt: 5 Lbs.


  • Mattel GmbH (German): Weltraum-Koffer (no difference in the case - German hang-tag)
  • There is a mention of a "deluxe" version of the Satellite Locker that contained a MMM figure in the 1968 Simpson-Sears Christmas Wishbook (as of yet, a store-stock example has not surfaced, but this may be related to the version Bill has seen).

John's Notes:

Unlike the Rocket Ship Case, this accessory is relatively common, but subject to the usual chemical "melts" when a figure is stored within (the clear vinyl is particularly susceptible, as are the side, vacuform pieces). The figure inserts appear to be more common than the hang-tags. Bill Ystrom has told me that he has seen a version that contained a 3-Dimensional version of the insert figure.

The Mattel Toys 1967 "Fall" Catalog Page 96 introduces the Rocket Ship Case with a photo but strangely shows the dimensions of the Satellite Locker - probably just an editing gaff or it could be that the Satellite Locke was originally intended to be the Rocket Ship Case and at some point the decision was made to actually produce a rocket.

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