Whitman 1142 Major Matt Mason Coloring Book

Whitman #1142 Major Matt Mason Coloring Book Cover

The coloring book has a painted cover with fully-inked simple illustrations with simplified forms typical to other coloring books. The Major Matt Mason Coloring Book featured MMM and Sgt. Storm's encounter with aliens on the Moon. Captain Lazer saves the pair when they are captured. The cover had MMM, Sgt Storm and Captain Lazer all prominently displayed in action poses. Prominently featured are vehicles like the Astro Track, Space crawler, Space Sled and Cat Trac, as well as accessories and the Space Station. The artwork though primitive and typical of Whitman, has a cartoon/comic feel. 

Years ago the entire contents of the coloring book was made available as a zip file full of small GIFS on the now defunct MajorMattMason.net. Click here for your own free copy.

Whitman Files and Original Artwork

I had written previously when the original artwork was offered up on eBay - this is an image from the auction - I believe one of my friends owns this piece.  

Image from eBay Listing

Image from eBay Listing

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