Major Matt Mason Catalog Appearances

Here I've included the various catalogs that contain Major Matt Mason merchandise - broken down into two main categories, paper catalogs produced by Mattel and paper catalogs produced by various department stores and toy distributors. There are also a handful of foreign catalogs I've linked to from this page, most of which appear on various pages in the Mattel International section.

Mattel Produced Catalogs 

Mattel produced small "booklet" style catalogs for the public that were often inserted into boxed play sets. They feature various products in the Major Matt Mason toy line and offer up a way to entice readers to buy other items. Mattel also, at least yearly and during some periods more often, produced Retailer catalogs that provided information for the ordering of Mattel product - these would go to stores and distributors and provide description on package contents, size, weight and case numbers. Prices would be on separate ordering sheets - perhaps due to yearly changes those seem to rarely survive.

Mattel Packaging Insert "Catalogs"

Mattel produced two insert catalogs (really pamphlets) that contained brief descriptions along with images of Major Matt Mason toys. These free mini-catalogs were included with many of the boxed play sets.

Mattel Toy Trade Product Catalogs

Mattel produced several catalogs for retail distribution that contained Major Matt Mason toys. Included here are the dealers' catalogs and promotional flyers provided by Mattel.



Department Store Catalogs

For many of us the local department store was the primary source of Major Matt Mason toys as they would often create huge toy aisles around Thanksgiving, leading up to gift giving season. These were called Wishbooks by Sears Roebuck in the US and by some other department stores.

Department Store Catalogs

Every year Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penneys and others like Simpson-Sears and Eaton's in Canada, would issue a Christmas catalog to promote toys and gifts for the holiday season. Here are images of the catalogs and Major Matt Mason pages, mostly from my own collection.

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