Mattel #6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set

#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Front

The Super Power Set provided a figure along with three accessories. The term "Power" appears to be taken from the names Supernaut "Power"-Limbs and Space "Power" Suit. Offered in the later-style chip-box, the set displayed a wonderful image of figures strapped into the appropriate devices, along with a window to display Major Matt riding a Lunar Trac. The painted box graphics alone are worth the price of admission on this set. I always enjoy Mattel painted artwork like this, and the mod 60's pinks/reds/purples are outstanding.

Included in this set are Major Matt Mason and Lunar (Cat) Trac, along with a Supernaut Power Limbs and Space Power Suit. Both come with stickers, and the instruction sheet for the Space Power Suit is also included. I've only seen this set to include a black-strap astronaut, and from the time-frame of its release, I'm not sure if any variations exist.

Because of the cheap cardboard construction of the chip-box, this set is very difficult to find in mint to pristine condition. The end flaps were glued and usually ripped or cut, also the windowpane is often found ripped or missing.. If the two insert pieces are missing, the box is most often found crushed. 

MMM Astronaut Major MATT MASON


The Box is full-color, process-printed and is 12" by 13" by 2 3/4" Copyright is 1969. The box reads: "Major Matt Mason given super-human strength - better equipped to explore the planets! - Lunar Trac Carries Astronaut over rough lunar terrain! One Astronaut, Major Matt Mason, included. - Supernaut Power-Limbs Multiplies Astronaut's strength! Extends his arms and legs! - Space Power Suit has protective vista-dome, remote control power claw and telescoping power hammer!"

#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Side 1
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Side 2
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Back
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Window Detail
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Contents and Insert
#6379 Major Matt Mason Super Power Set Box Figure Detail

Supernaut Power Limbs Sticker Sheet:

Space Power Suit Sticker Sheet:


Mattel #6344-0920 Space Power Suit Pak

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First Appearance: Mattel Toys 1970 Spring Catalog Page 12)

Super set with Major MATT MASON plus his Lunar Trac, Power-Limbs and Space Power Suit..
Std. Pack: 1/2 Doz.
Wt: 9 Lbs.


None Known

John's Notes:

A case full of this set was found several years ago, and the example pictured is from that find. It appears that the case had gotten wet at some time, so all from the case have similar water damage to the box bottom (I've seen a few examples).

He may also be found in:

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