Mattel #6316 Rocket Ship Case

#6316 Space Ship Case

The Rocket Ship Case (alternatively Space Ship Case - see the tag) is an oddity among Major Matt Mason items. Made from vinyl-covered cardboard and Vacuform plastic, the upright spaceship could be used to store your MMM accessories and seat a figure in the upper deck in the traditional reclining, take-off position.

MMM Space Ship Case 

Space Ship Case Hang Tag:


Was marketed loose with a "Space Ship Case" hang-tag.

Sticker Sheet:




Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel 1967 Fall Catalog page 96)

Two-tier storage case with famed Gemini capsule design! Three-dimensional vinyl construction features simulated control panel and activity area. Molded door, strap handle.
Size: 9" x 4" x 8" (notice that this size is actually for the Satellite Locker, even though the listing and picture are for the Rocket Ship Case)
Std. Pack: 4/12 Doz.
Wt: 8 Lbs.


None Known

John's Notes:

I have a feeling that this accessory was rather a disappointment to Mattel regarding sales. The Case is both difficult to find, and almost impossible to acquire in nice, intact condition. The Vacuform top and thrusters are fragile and frequently broken and/or missing. Even the hang-tag is a rarity. I doubt many of these were produced and distributed. Another oddity is the name - Rocket Ship Case in the Mattel Catalog, yet the tag says "Space Ship Case" - odd. I recently upgraded to the one pictured, after hunting for 5 years for a decent example (I paid a rather exorbitant price). I know of only a handful of these that are intact, and only 4 of them have hang-tags.

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