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Alec Peters Birthday Cake 

I've collected various images from shows and events that feature the MMM crew. Here are a few. As usual, if you have something you'd like to contribute, please contact me.

EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin 2024.05.16

Submitted by Michael Rosine

Seen at the EAA aviation museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin today.

Austin TX Toy Museum 2024.05.08

Submitted by Tony Giuliani

Spotted in the Austin Texas Toy Museum

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis 2024.01.02

Behind the Scenes museum collection - Submitted by Joseph Young

Several MMM items on the shelves:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

The International Space Station Mission Control Center in Houston 2020.02.01

Submitted by Jay Lee

"I took Major Matt Mason for a behind the scenes tour of The International Space Station Mission Control Center and to have a look at a Saturn V rocket and other space memorabilia at NASA in Houston, TX." More images follows:

Mission Control Center | Johnson's Space Center | White Flight Control Room | NASA Rocket Park (1) | NASA Rocket Park (2) | NASA Rocket Park (3) | Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center

National Geographic 2019.07 pg 74

IN POP CULTURE - Submitted by William McEwen

In 1967 Mattel introduced Major Matt Mason, one of the first realistic space action figures. His suit was based on a prototype.

Monsterama 2017.11.29, Atlanta GA

Major Matt Mason Display

Very rare items including the MMM Gulf Card, the Funny Face Promotional Display, a 5 Foot Mattel Standup Store Display, 4 German Cat-Trac Carded figures and the Demonstration Unit appear as a group for the first time.

Toylanta 2017.03.11

John Eaton and Dennis "The Toy Surgeon" Widner

Chance meeting at the Atlanta Toylanta show in 2017, ran into Dennis Widner who was showing some of his custom GI Joe wares - Dennis is well known in MMM circles for his exceptional MMM figure restoration.

Mexico Toy Museum 2013.05.24

CIPSA Scorpio, Cripton and a boxed Selenium spotted at a Mexico Toy Museum.

Huntsville Popular Culture Exhibit 2011.02.11

Apollo/NASA Display

Glass case full of relics produced during the space race. A boxed Talking Major Matt Mason and a Tall Carded MMM figure are prominently displayed as part of the collection.

Canadian Air and Space Museum 2010

I'm not quite sure who posted or sent me this photo so uncredited for now

San Diego Comic Con 2010.08.01

Ray Kolasa

writes "Mattel had a toy line (briefly, I think; maybe never released) called "Attitubes" and they had a display at SDCC back in 2010. The Matt's were protos/samples/ essentially customs, perhaps made merely to satisfy copyright concerns. In any case, they were never officially released, though some apparently made it to Ebay over the years."

Huntsville Popular Culture Exhibit 2008

I'm not quite sure who posted or sent me this photo so uncredited for now

Alec Peters Birthday Cake 2000.11.02


Alec Peters' birthday cake made in the image of the iconic Major Matt Mason brochure cover and featuring a reproduction cake-topper.

GoMainline Collectibles Show 1999.08.28 Fort Washington PA


Specialty booth featuring many boxed vehicles, carded accessories and loose items. Early days of digital cameras so the interior shots are pretty grainy.

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5 | Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8

San Diego ComicCon 1998

Larry "Sharkman" Chinn and John Eaton

Larry Chinn, his fiancée Jenny (physically taking the picture) and I finally had the opportunity to meet at the San Diego Comic Con a few years ago (Larry and Jenny have subsequently gotten married...their kid is below...). It's great to meet a fellow MMM collector...everyone should try it! I'm the dweeb on the right. Bob Burden, creator of Flaming Carrot Comics is in his booth in the background. You can ridicule Larry about this and the following photo here.

Matt's Back! 25th Anniversary T-Shirt 1991

Submitted by John Eaton

Received this from "Joe King" (AKA Joe Ferrera) many years ago - I think it's when he first thought the MMM trademark had lapsed and he was spearheading an effort to revive the line as a comic book series.

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