Mattel #6355 Space Discovery Set

#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Front

One of the more interesting playsets, the Space Discovery Set features two figures, a vehicle/trailer combination and a neat accessory. The set included a Doug Davis with helmet, Callisto with accessories, a Space Crawler, a Space Bubble, and a Space Power Suit (Space Labels and Instructions were included as well). The box has some of the most spectacular, action-filled photographs, with multiple images of all figures, vehicles and accessories. 


MMM Alien Callisto

Detailed descriptions of both vehicles may be found in: 6304 Space Crawler and 6345 Space Bubble listings. A description of the Space Power Suit: 6344 Space Power Suit Pak and figures: 6333 Doug Davis with Cat Trac, 6331 Callisto.


The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except the front and bottom, which have an applied full-color, process-printed label. The package measures 20" by 15" by 10 5/8". Copyright is 1968. The box reads: "Includes Callisto - Mysterious Alien with Advanced Mental Powers - Collects and Analyzes Space Specimens with Space Sensor - Doug Davis - Space Scientist - Rocketry - in Flexible Space Suit and Helmet" and "Space Crawler with Unlimited Power - Crawls over Anything! Always Lands on its Feet! - (battery powered 2 "D" batteries not included) - Space Bubble - Tows Behind Space Crawler - Rolls 360ยบ Over Planet Terrain - Gyro-Seat Control Center Keeps Astronaut Upright - Space Power Suit! - Portable Power Environment for Planet Work - Remote-Control Power Claw - Telescoping Power Hammer"

#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Top
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box BAck
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Bottom
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Ends
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Detail 1
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Detail 2
#6355 Space Discovery Set Box Detail 3

Sticker Sheets:


Mattel #6304-0920 Space Crawler | Back
Mattel #6345-0920 Space Bubble | Back
Mattel #6344-0920 Space Power Suit Pak
Mattel #6331-0920 Callisto

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1969 "Fall" Catalog Page 59)

Scientific space expedition headed by Major MATT MASON'S friend from Jupiter, CALLISTO, and Space Radiologist DOUG DAVIS!
Exploration equipment: SPACE CRAWLER vehicle with powerful winch and hoist, accessory SPACE BUBBLE, and SPACE POWER SUIT
Vehicle batteries not included.
Std. Pack: 1/3 Doz.
Wt: 12 Lbs.



John's Notes:

This is one of my favorite boxed playsets. I think it's very unusual that Mattel decided to create the unlikely combination of an alien and astronaut, two vehicles and an accessory. I don't know what they were thinking, but am glad they came up with it. They continued with this in the Lunar Base Command Set, expanding on the alien and astronaut theme but including three vehicles and a Space Station. Nuts!

Accessories may also be found in:

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