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Since the inception of the MMM lists, and the creation of my website, I've been sent many interesting photos, articles, and ephemera that relate to Major Matt Mason. I had previously included all this "stuff" in the MMMarchive section of my wildtoys site. I then thought it would be more appropriately included in the Resources section and called it simply the MMM Bonus Page. This latest iteration I think better describes what it's for - MMM Fan Contributions. So this section will have images and even poetry, going back to about 1997, but I've also included some new items of interest...

MMM Fan Art

Several artists have depicted MMM in a variety of media, from Oils on canvas, to murals to tattoos!

Fun Major Matt Mason Photos

Various postings featuring the Major, crew and aliens that have been sent to me or that I've found interesting.

Christmas Greetings!

So many Christmas-related images, aggregated on this new page.

Fun with Photoshop

It was a fad at one point to put oneself into MMM vignettes (or at least swap heads with photos) - I've put them on their own page.

The Written Word

Over time various fan-produced essays and even poetry has surfaced - this is an attempt to aggregate them into a single section.

MMM Sightings

If you've ever come across a Major Matt Mason figure or image in an unexpected place, then you'll understand this area and will want to visit.

Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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