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Beat Poet Lazer
I really enjoy some of the stuff that Major Matt Mason collectors have sent me over the years. A good portion of these submissions take the form of some type of narrative or essay, so I've collected them here. The following photos have been submitted to me or the various MMM email lists over the years. Enjoy!

Bad Night Before Christmas

By Toby Denham

Toby is one of those incredible collectors whose passion extends to many things. Among these interests is a love for all things Rat Fink, the Ideal Rebel Cannon, Robot Commando and of course, Major Matt Mason. He sent this poem around a few years ago via the original MMM LISTSRV. It is a perennial favorite.

Matt is from Mars, Women are from Venus

By Debbie Martin

Debbie puts a little spin on the classic novel and creates her own version of a conversation involving MMM. Good, relatively clean fun!

Major Matt Mason Discovers A New Friend

By John Eaton and ChatGPT

I did an experiment with AI to see what it came up with - it's better than I expected!

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