Major Matt Mason Advertisements & Promotions

1967 Two-Page ad from DC comics September
Here I've included all the print ads I've managed to collect. Click thumbnails or titles for a larger view.

US Promotions

Comic Book Pages:

In the US Major Matt Mason was featured over several months and dozens of issues in DC Comics. For a full list please visit the Major Matt Mason Comics section. Additionally many ads appeared in international comics - see below.

1967 Two-Page ad from DC comics September

This cool two page ad has a one page MMM comic leading up to the toys on the second page. Features images of the Space Station, Space Crawler, Moon Suit and MMM on Space Sled.

1967 1/3-Page ad from DC comics

The condensed version of the one page ad with equipment shown in line horizontally without descriptive text

1967 Full-Page ad from DC comics

The two page ad without the comic so the image fits on a single page.

Newspaper Advertisements

There are many different newspaper advertisements in the US, Canada and elsewhere internationally. Here are the more prominent ones, for further details please visit the Major Matt Mason Period Newspaper Ads section

1969 Mattel Christmas Ad Circular "Preview"

For lack of a better description I'm calling this the "Preview" of the "For kids only." more commonly found in newspapers. Long-time MMM collector and fan Ray Kolasa sent me the images - as you can tell they mimic the more common ad (following this one) with alternate internal pages and loosely-painted graphic elements rather than the photos in the more common version. I suspect that this was mistakenly printed and distributed as there are clear tell-tale signs of editing placeholders where there shouldn't be.

1969 Mattel Christmas Ad Circular

This ad featured MMM on a Uni-Tred pulling Sgt. Storm in a Space Bubble with the heading "For Kids Only." on the cover. Inside is a wonderful full-color 3D planet displaying all the new MMM toys for the 1969 toy year.  On the back cover is a photo of a kid throwing the XRG-1. Click for details and a transcript.

1970 Mattel Christmas Ad Circular

This ad featured MMM in a Star Seeker - taken from the November 15, 1970 Atlanta Journal. The interior has a 1/3rd-page color strip featuring the Talking Major Matt Mason, the Star Seeker, and Scorpio.  Click for details and a transcript.

Magazine Ads

The two-page center spread features a promotion in conjunction with Funny Face Drink Mix.  The idea was to color-in a small Funny Face Strip and fill-out an entry form (you also had to either send in 5 Funny Face packages or 5 sheets of paper with "Funny Face" hand printed on them).
This full-page Mattel Ad features MMM in half the page. It's part of a multi-page Mattel Advertisement in Life and possibly Look Magazines.
From an unknown issue of TV Guide "Tonight, see Major Matt Mason on "Here Come the Brides"


July 1968 Toys & Novelties

Toys & Novelties, an industry trade magazine, frequently included ads from the companies featured in current articles (taking out an ad would help in getting a write-up in the magazine). This issue has 7 full-page, black & white Mattel ads, the 6th ad featuring Major Matt Mason. There is also a very cool Eldon Billy Blastoff full-page ad.

November 15, 1968 MMM Mattel Ad from Life Magazine

This issue of Life features Nixon on the cover and contains a double-page ad.  Page two introduces Sgt. Storm, Capt. Lazer, the Astro Trac and the "Space Firebolt." The ad also blurbs: "See them on TV any night next week."

November 14, 1969 MMM Mattel Ad from Life Magazine

This issue has General Rheault on the cover with once again a double-page ad inside. The top halves of two full color pages introduce Doug Davis, Jeff Long, and the XRG-1 Reentry Glider.
Discovery House ad in Good Housekeeping "Family Christmas Book 1969 Edition"

Non-US Promotions

Many ads appeared across several countries as Mattel penetrated new markets. Most are in the UK, France and Italy.

UK 968 Radio Times Rosebud Mattel Circular

UK equivalent of TV Guide "Christmas isn't Christmas without Rosebud Mattel" multi-page insert with color, full-page of MMM toys.

UK Rosebud Mattel Ads in Weekly Comics

UK equivalent of TV Guide "Christmas isn't Christmas without Rosebud Mattel" multi-page insert with color, full-page of MMM toys.

European 1969 Mattel MMM Moon Pictures Offer

Full page ad that could be found in various UK Comic Magazines in 1969, and later in Belgium for the French-speaking market.

Italian Major Matt Mason Comic Story Issues and Ads

Many ads appeared in Italy within TOPOLINO (the Italian Mickey Mouse magazine) and Corriere dei Piccoli (Italian comic)

French Au Printemps Toy Catalogue - October 1969

Au Printemps (In Springtime) is a chain of "grands magasins" department stores in France.

French 1969 MMM "Soyez Les Premiers Sur La Lune..." campaign in comic magazines

Adverts in two sizes for MMM appeared in French-language comic magazines in the late Spring of 1969.

French 1969 Jouets Rationnels/Mattel S.A. “2E Tombola De Noel” Ad Circular

This small catalog probably came in local French newspapers in 1969, featuring Jouets Rationnels/Mattel S.A. “2E Tombola De Noel.”

French 1969 MMM "COMPTE À REBOURS" (COUNTDOWN) Competition

JR sponsored a great competition in Spirou comic magazine (and possibly other titles as well) to coincide with the Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the Moon.


Canada 1969 La Presse  Miracle Mart ad

Four astronauts represented in this Canadian ad for the Montréal market coinciding with the Apollo 11 mission.

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