Major Matt Mason Ads from Period Newspapers

MMM Proctor & Gamble Promotion
Don't ask me where I got most of these - there was a time when people would send me random images - I've attributed them to various newspapers with dates if possible. 

18 Oct 1967 Geneva Times MMM Proctor & Gamble Promotion

"It's A Child's World" Sweepstakes... winners can choose from these Mattel toys!

Major MATT Mason, America's man in space. Comes with his own helmet and space sled. Your boy's imagination will be excited as he directs the actions of this heroic spaceman through the vast universe. [ Detail here ]

13 Nov 1967 Knickerbocker News JC Penneys Ad

Blast off with Major Matt Mason, Mattel's man in space! 6.99 Space Crawler Action [ Detail here ] (also features a nice Johnny Astro illustration!)

22 Nov 1967 Amsterdam Recorder Hobby Center Ad

He Flies! Major Matt Mason - small graphic of Major Matt Mason on the Space Sled for a whopping $3.57 - such a deal! [ Detail here ]

14 Nov 1969 Pittsburgh Press Children's Palace Ad

Several items on sale including MMM, Billy Blastoff, Remco playsets, the LIS Robot and Zeroids. The Children's Palace appears to have been a large toy store similar to Toys R Us. Many MMM items available in this ad with small images of various playsets, figures and accessories.

2 Feb 1971 NY Daily Times

Save over 50% in our space toy sale. Small image of MMM on a Space Sled - find it interesting that prices for individual MMM items aren't included in the ad, just a mention and an image - this being towards the end of the run. [ Detail here ]

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