Major Matt Mason Period Newspaper Ads

1967.11.13 Albany Knickerbocker News J.C. Penneys Ad

Don't ask me where I got most of these - there was a time when people would send me random images - I've attributed them to various US newspapers with dates if possible. I've also most recently divided up the ads by year and have added many previously unpublished ads from my archive.

I've moved the Canadian Period Newspaper Ads to their own page here.

Major Matt Mason 1967 Period Newspaper Ads

During 1967 most of the Major Matt Mason ads reflected the initial Mattel offering which was somewhat limited as Mattel tested the waters to see how the line would be received.

Major Matt Mason 1968 Period Newspaper Ads

For 1968 some retailers started using actual photography in their ads as the Major Matt Mason line continued to expand.

Major Matt Mason 1969 Period Newspaper Ads

Introduction of many new items including the Collegeville Halloween Costume

Major Matt Mason 1970 Period Newspaper Ads

Great reduction of ads during 1970 as the toyline sales diminished and Space-related interest waned.

Major Matt Mason 1971 and Later Period Newspaper Ads

As Major Matt Mason sales progressed into the 70's it's fairly apparent that demand was greatly diminished with many ads of the close-out variety.

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