MMM Alien Equipment Checklist

Captain Lazer Gun Attachments

Starting to put together images of all MMM equipment you might find - also components that are often missing. Here's my initial list of Alien Equipment - more to come.

Captain Lazer

  • Helmet
  • Gun Attachments
    • Radiation Shield
    • Lazer Wand
    • Cosmic Coder (Cosmic Beacon)
  • Space Tredders
  • Solar Reactor (chest)


  • Space Sensor (Sensor Line) with yellow string
  • Power Pak (backpack)
  • Clear Hose
  • Control Air Pump (Squeeze Controller)


  • Exo Skin
  • Head
  • Skull Bubble
  • Light Bulb Ring
  • GE401 Bulb
  • Arm and Leg Shields
  • Vest Projector
  • Control Air Pump
  • Clear Hose
  • Search Globes


  • Orbitor
    • Dome
    • Launcher

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