Major Matt Mason 1967 Period Newspaper Ads

MMM Procter & Gamble Promotion

During 1967 most of the Major Matt Mason ads reflected the initial Mattel offering which was somewhat limited as Mattel tested the waters to see how the line would be received. The only figure sets available were the Major Matt Mason Flight Set and the Major Matt Mason with Moon Suit. Also available were the Space Station, the Space Crawler (and Deluxe combo of both) and three accessory cards. 

The suggested retail was a bit all over the place as the various retailers figured out the best way to market the items as was the sales pricing. Often the newspapers would also have accompanying articles, especially as the space program progressed and the holidays approached.

I've moved the Canadian Period Newspaper Ads to their own page here.

1967.06.05 Freeport TX Brazosport Facts Page 5 Bruno Drug Sweepstakes Ad

This is the earliest Major Matt Mason ad I've come across - from Freeport Texas, apparently Bruno Drug was heavily invested.

1967.06.11 Freeport TX Brazosport Facts Page 5 Bruno Drug Sweepstakes Ad 2

Follow-up ad from the week prior (above).

1967.08.23 Oakland CA Tribune Page 16 Capwell's School Sale Ad

Capwell's Finer Stores "Sale for School" ad in the Oakland Tribune August 23, 1967. This is the only I've I've managed to find promoting the Three-Ring Binder and Lunchbox.

1967.09.07 Napa Valley CA Register Page 5 Trade Fair Lay-Away Ad

Trade Fair promoted Major Matt Mason in the Napa Value Register on September 7, 1967 along with other toys. This is probably the most verbose ad I've ever seen that accompanied product images.

1967.09.18 Yonkers NY Herald Statesman E.J. Korvette Anniversary Sale

Early ad featuring Major Matt Mason Flight Card.

1967.10.06 Nashville Tennessean Page 51 Zayre Toyland Expansion! Ad

Fairly early Major Matt Mason ad, this time in the October 6, 1067 Nashville Tennessean by Zayre, a local department store from the era, promoting their Toyland Expansion.

1967.10.11 Niagara Falls NY Gazette Page 44 Sears Toy Town Layaway Sale

Early Sears ad preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Graphic of the "Major Matt Mason in Jet Space Suit."

1967.10.18 Geneva Times MMM Proctor & Gamble Promotion

"It's A Child's World" Sweepstakes... winners can choose from these Mattel toys!
"Major MATT Mason, America's man in space."

1967.10.22 Independent Press Telegram Page W-14 Sav-on Halloween Ad

Halloween Goodies at Sav-on with a small image of MMM in the "Layaway Toys" section lower right.

1967.10.25 Nashville Tennessean Page 9 Kmart Pre-Christmas Toy Discounts Ad

Great mostly Mattel ad from Kmart in the Nashville Tennessean on Octover 25, 1967. Particularly nice Major Matt Mason clip art with three items offered.

1967.10 Oswego-Palladium Montgomery Ward Sweep Sale Ad

Very wordy October sales ad for Montgomery Wards with a couple of MMM items at sale prices.

1967.11.02 Binghamton NY Press Page 4-B Children's Super Mart Ad

Children's Super Mart "Week-End Special" ad with a small blurb on Major Matt Mason Flight Set at a sale price.

1967.11.03 Nashville Tennessean Page 35 Woolco Grand Opening Sale Ad

Full-page ad from Wolco for their Oaks Grand Opening published November 3, 1967 in the Nashville Tennessean.

1967.11.05 Nashville Tennessean Page 127 Star Discount Stores Toy Wonderland Ad

Spectacular full-page Star Discount Stores ad, turned sideways, promoting their "Toy Wonderland" 41 shopping days 'til Christmas, in the Nashville Tennessean November 5, 1967.

1967.11.10 Nashville Tennessean Page 21 Spartan Toy Spectacular Ad

The Spartan store on Murphreesboro Rd put this full-page ad into the November 10, 1967 Nashville Tennessean. Pretty coll Major Matt Mason Flight Set clip art..

1967.11.13 Knickerbocker News JC Penney Ad

Blast off with Major Matt Mason, Mattel's man in space! (also features a nice Johnny Astro illustration!)

1967.11.15 Kingston NY Daily Freeman Page 2 DISKAY Discount Stores Ad

The DISKAY Discount Stores "Pre-Holiday TOY SALE" includes a Major Matt Mason Flight Set for the discounted price of $2.77.

1967.11.22 Amsterdam Recorder Hobby Center Ad

He Flies! Major Matt Mason - small graphic of Major Matt Mason on the Space Sled for a whopping $3.57 - such a deal!

1967.11.22 Troy NY Times Record Page 64 Jupiter Discount Store Toyland Opens Ad

Nearly a full-page ad of mostly toys from the Jupiter Discount Store.

1967.11.22 Troy NY Times Record Page 66 Topps Holiday Ad

The Troy Times Record gives us this Topps Holiday Ad with a second MMM sales appearance!

1967.11.26 Nashville Tennessean Page 134 Zayre Famous TV Toy Parade Sale Ad

November 26, 1967 Nashville Tennessean full-page Zayre ad, appears to promote toys that have corresponding TV commercials including the Major Matt Mason Flight Set for $1.99.

1967.11.27 Kingston NY Daily Freeman Page 18 Caldor Holiday Gifts! Ad

The Caldor store advertisement in the Kingston New York Daily Freeman shows a small image of the Major Matt Mason Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set.

1967.12.03 Binghamton NY Press and Sun-Bulletin Page 9 Toys 'n' Decorations Sale

Partial "Toys 'n' Decorations" Sales section from the Binghamton NY Press and Sun-Bulletin in December of 1967.

1967.12.14 Kingston NY Daily Freeman Page 26 Sears Toy Bonanza Ad

Sears "Toy Bonanza" ad in preparation for the holidays, with small graphic of a Major Matt Mason Flight Card "in Jet Space Suit."

1967.12.15 Nashville Tennessean Page 39 Kmart "Merry Christmas" Ad

Full-page Kmart ad from the December 15, 1967 Nashville Tennessean. No clip art, just a small mention of Major Matt Mason under "Gift Ideas."

1967.12.22 Binghamton NY Press Pg5-B Midland Holiday Sales Ad

So close to Christmas this seems to be a last minute attempt to entice parents with gift ideas

1967 Schenectady NY Gazette The Big N Anniversary Sale! Ad

This appears to be an insert for "The Big N" and includes the Major Matt Mason Flight Set at the special price of $1.97.

1967 Geneseo NY Livingston County Leader Harding's Family Center Ad 1

The first of two Harding's Family Center Ads - this one lists a sales price for the Space Station.

1967 Geneseo NY Livingston County Leader Harding's Family Center Ad 2

The second of two Harding's Family Center Ads - this one closer to Christmas.

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