Mattel #6307 Space Probe Pak

#6307 Space Probe Pak Card Front

Another one of the initial release accessory packs available to Major Matt Mason since the toy line's inception, the Space Probe Pak is often referred to as a "mortar" or cannon. The Space Probe Pak featured one of the shooting platforms that Mattel put together for the Major Matt Mason line, which included the Rocket Launch Pak, the Satellite Launch Pak, and the Space Probe Pak. All these toys had the common elements of a flat, platform-like structure and a projectile that could be fired during play. These were also pictured as being attended by a figure, with some type of 1/12th scale control that a figure could manipulate. Eventually all three platforms, along with the Gamma Ray Gard, could be mounted on the Mobile Launch Pad, further expanding playability by providing mobility.

The Space Probe Pak appears as a rectangular shaped platform, with a small barrel mounted on one end, which may be adjusted in elevation (up and down - to provide some distance aiming). One of two small, red with-soft-rubber-tipped projectiles would fit inside the barrel. The projectile is held by a plastic clip attached to a lever, which may be attached to a string. When the string was pulled, the Rocket would shoot into the air. For a low-tech toy, the spring would actually shoot the projectile some distance. The opposite end of the platform held a figure via boot clips, who stood behind the "mortar" and held a flexible control wand. The pak also came with a chrome Flair Gun and Binoculars (to sight in the target, I guess), and the Decontamination Gun with Tanks and hose. The Decontamination Gun would shoot water held in the tanks when these are pressed.

The card reads: "Launches Moon Probes! Intercepts Dangerous Asteroids! Repels Unfriendly Space Objects! Chemical Gun Neutralizer Radioactivity!

The Space Probe Pak is an essential part of any loose collection. Any accessory that helped hold a figure, especially in the standing position, is welcome to most collectors. Any of the first three US packaged accessory "platform" toys are difficult to find carded, as they were part of the initial release and do not appear to have been available after 1968 except as warehouse stock.


The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 8 1/2" x 12" x 1 5/8" Copyright is 1966. 

#6307 Space Probe Pak Card Back

Sticker Sheet:


Mattel Catalog Specifications:

(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1967 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 96)

Necessary for probing the Moon and intercepting dangerous asteroids! Contains adjustable remote control launcher with control console and two Space Probes. Plus vital Chemical Decontamination Gun that really shoots water, chemical tank, flare signal gun, binoculars and space labels.

Individual punched blister card, 8 ½" x 12"
Each in Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 3 Lbs


John's Notes:

Several cases of the German carded version of this accessory were found in Europe, making this the easiest and most common carded accessory. Often it may be had for $20-25, so many collectors purchase one to open for display. The US card is still relatively uncommon and difficult to find.

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